Main Donations ‘Mahadaan’ during Pitru Paksha

Benefaction of following 10 articles during Pitru Paksha comes under ‘Mahadaan’. Ancestors get satisfied if these articles are presented and donated by the person doing Shradhakarma.

Main Donations Pitru Paksha

1. Donate cow (Gow Daan) – The first and prime article amongst ten ‘Mahadaan’ in Pitr Paksha is Cow.

2. Donate Land (Bhumi Daan) – If ‘Shradhkarta’ can afford to offer land then he should donate a small portion of land to a poor person. If it is not feasible then he should take a small piece of clay, keep it in a thali. Take Sankalp and give it to a Brahmin along with ‘Dakshina’.

3. Donate Seasame (Til Daan)- Black Seasame seeds are considered propitious for donation in Pitra paksha.

4. Donate Gold (Swarn Daan) – If one do not have gold for donation, then Dakshina should be given to a Brahmin.

5. Donate Ghee (Ghrit Daan)- Ghee made of Cow milk should be donated in a pot.

6. Donate Clothes (Vastra Daan)- Two main attires and two under garments which are not ragged and used one, better if the clothes are fresh should be donated to a Brahmin.

7. Donate Cereals (Dhaany Daan)- Wheat, Rice and other cereals should be offered after taking a Sanklap.

8. Donate Jaggery (Gud Daan)- Donation of jaggery in Pitra paksha is also favorable in Pitru Paksha.

9. Donate Silver (Rajat Daan)- Ancestors bless their successors if they offer Silver in Pitra Paksha.

10. Donate Salt ( Lavan) – Ancestors get pleased if salt is donated in Pitra paksha.

After offering foodstuff and donation to Brahmin, recite this mantra and request to Lord Vishnu three times for the completion of ‘Shradhakarma’

Yasya Smirtya cha Namoktaya TapoyagyaKriyadishu,
Newnam Sampurntam Yati Sadhyo Vande Tamchayutam

Pitr Paksha 2023 will begin on 29 September 2023 and ends on 14 October 2023

Main Donations ‘Mahadaan’ during Pitru Paksha

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Main Donations Pitru Paksha

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