Sexual Strokes

Sexual Strokes , Sex After Stroke

Sexual Strokes – Lots of marriages in the world have survived only because of good sex between couples. “I have changed handwritings of many couple clients whenever I see any one of them have lost interest in sex”. The change of handwriting is known as “graphotherapy”.

sexual strokes

Sexual Strokes – Niraj Mancchanda reveals how by reading a persons handwriting, sexual tendencies and traits of that person can be revealed.

“The handwriting is divided in 3 zones. The upper, middle and lower zone. The lower zone deals with sexual tendencies. The lower the loop the stronger the tendency. The harder the pressure the instincts are more stronger.
Alphabets f, g, j, p, q, y and z have lower loops.

Lets take an alphabet “y”. This alphabet can be written in various ways and every way written has its own meaning.”

Sexual Strokes

1) Believes in healthy sex.

2) Believes in having sex with one person at one time. If this loop is seen all through the handwriting then it means monogamy and loyalty to their partner.

3) Likes to have sex only when feel like. Will not care for other partners need.

4) Does not even masturbate. Has decided to remove sexual urges from their life.

5) Wants sex but has stopped for some reason.

6) Has decided to stop their sexual desires. Restricted themselves to a limit.

7) Has desires for healthy sex but will stop itself at the last moment. Could also stop itself after reaching the bed with their partner

8) Avoids sex totally. Disinterested in sex.

9) Has great sexual desires and will do anything to get it fulfilled. Will take full initiative to fulfill it.

10) Open to any kind of sexual activities. A person inquisitive to try all kinds of sexual activities.

11) Very fussy about what they want from their partner while having sex.

12) Very selective of whom to have sex with.

13) Has stopped their sexual urges and diverted their mind to some kind of fitness or sports activities.

14) If this stroke is once in the handwriting then it means fetishes. But if it is repeated in a person’s handwriting then it means the person is a gay or lesbian.

15) 100% gay or lesbian.

16) Irresponsible towards sex. Will not care if other person is getting hurt while having sex.

17) Twisted attitude towards sex. Attracted towards their own sex.

18) Sexually frustrated.

19) Despondency towards sex.


Sexual Strokes

The first alphabet is open in the signature of Daniel, Romesh and Bhaskar. This reveals strong attraction towards their own sex. 100% gay. The lower loops of Gagan, Gary and Morey reveal active gays. Ravi Roy’s ‘y’ shows taking initiative of fulfilling their desire and getting people of their sex to fulfill their desires. The ‘j’ of Roja shows strong demand for their own sex.

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