Does Vermilion (Sindoor) carry any Astrological Importance

Hindu married women apply Sindooron their head in the parting between hair as an auspicious symbol of their marital bond…


During the ritualistic Hindu marriage ceremony there is a ritual called Sindoor-Danawhere by the bridegroom applies Sindoor on the head of the bride in the parting of hair above the forehead.

As per the Hindu culture applying Sindoor by married women carries great importance and is considered to bless her with a life-long marital bond. So in other words it is believed to bless her husband with a long healthy life.

Importance of Red Colour

Vermilion or Sindoor with its red colour must have some relation with the basic nature of this colour.

Basically the red colour reminds one of blood and therefore it instantly conveys life, energy and vitality. Red also symbolizes the sexual energy and passion.

It is interesting to know that because of red colour representing the sexual instinct the areas where brothels are located are known as ‘the red light area’ and a woman with excessive sexual desire is called a ‘scarlet woman’.

Astrological significance of Sindoor

Vedic astrology personifies the cosmos as an eternal being called Kaalpurushaand an astrological chart representing this being is a chart with Aries ascendant and is called “KaalpurushaKundali” as shown below:


In the above chart the head is represented by the 1st house or ascendant with Aries sign. The planet Mars governs this sign and indicates red colour. Therefore applying Sindoorof red colour on the head fortifies the brain and keeps it balanced.

Applying Sindoorduring Navratri andon Sankranti (the day when Sun moves to the next sign) is considered very auspicious. Sindoor is also offered to the Divine Mother (MaaDurga) as well as to goddess Lakshmi (goddess of prosperity).

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar