Jupiter Rescued Mahatma Gandhi from Strong Sexual Instinct

Jupiter Rescued Mahatma Gandhi from Strong Sexual Instinct

Close conjunction of Mars and Venus gave him unbound sexual drive, but both falling in the constellation of Jupiter rescued him. Mahatma Gandhi was born with very close conjunction of Mars and Venus in his Birth Chart. As per his chart Mars is in Libra at 26 degree 23 minutes while Venus is also in Libra at 24 degree and 25 minutes, this close conjunction of Mars and Venus in his ascendant aspects his 7th house of marriage. He got married to Kasturba at a tender age of thirteen in May 1883 during the main period of Venus which lasted from 1878 to 1898.

Mahatma Gandhi

His Determination to Channelize His Sexual Energies …

It was during the sub-period of Mars in the main period of Venus from 1884 to 1886 that he felt very strong sexual urges. In 1885 when his strong sexual desire let him ignore his ailing father’s care for a night, he determined to overpower his sexual instinct.


He succeeded in channelizing his strong sexual energies because both Mars and Venus fall in the constellation (Nakshatra) Vishakha governed by Jupiter. So his sincere and determined efforts in this direction brought success due to Jupiter’s influence.

The Negative Effects of Retrograde Jupiter …

Although Jupiter gave him success in controlling his sexual instinct yet because of its retrograde position in his birth chart he formed unbalanced views about sex and has been misunderstood by many.

It was due to retrograde Jupiter occupying his 7th house of marriage that his married life was not blissful.

In regard to sexual union even between a husband and wife he believed, “The union is meant not for pleasure, but for bringing forth progeny, and union is a crime when the desire for progeny is absent.”

Regarding use of contraceptives for birth control Mahatma had very strong views, he emphasised self-control instead of using contraceptives,“Contraceptives are an insult to woman hood. The difference between a prostitute and a woman using contraceptives is only this that the former sells her body to several men, the latter sells it to one man. Man has no right to touch his wife so long as she does not wish to have a child, and the woman should have the will-power to resist even her own husband.”

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