Remedies For Appeasing Inauspicious Dreams

Remedies For Appeasing Inauspicious Dreams

If you see a bad or inauspicious dream, then the below mentioned remedies can eliminate their ill effects.

Inauspicious Dreams

*If the bad dream comes first followed by a good dream then the bad dream will not have ill effect.

* Chant ‘Vishnusahashtranaam’ on seeing a bad dream.

* If the bad dream is spoken about either to the Guru or Brahmin in the morning then its ill effect will gets lessened.

* The ill effects owing to inauspicious dreams quieten down when red sandal powder is dipped in ghee and a ‘havan’ is performed.

* When ten names of Narayan, Krishna, Vishnu, Madhav, Madhusudan, Hari, Narhari, Rama, Govind, Dadhivanam, are chanted hundred times then the ill effects of inauspicious dreams become fine.

* On continuously seeing bad dreams, keep eight beetle leaves in Lord Shivji’s temple and also do ‘rudrabhishek’.

* On a white paper, write down the description of the bad dream and burn it, this will free from the ill effects of the dream.

* Give fodder to cows and grains to birds with your own hands.
The clothes that you wear generally should be donated to a beggar and he should be fed for a day.

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