Remedies to Cure Malefic Effects of Sun

Remedies to Cure Malefic Effects of Sun; Malefic Sun – Reason& Prevention

Effects of Sun – In Vedic Astrology, Sun has great significance and occupies the central place amongst the Navagrahas. If sun is malefic in the kundali and one is badly affected by the karkatawas of Sun like-heart problems, eye diseases, stomach diseases, Bones diseases, loss of position etc, then one must donate Jaggery, Wheat, Red colored Copper and perform Yagya Homas which are considered auspicious. Sun is incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sacred Harivansh Purana describes that by reading Harivansh Purana, the malefic effect of sun are removed.

Effects of Sun

One, who has strong Sun in Kundali, eats less salt. In other words – a person takes more salt in food whose Sun is weak in birth chart.

Effects of Sun : Generally, Sun is regarded inauspicious in seventh house. The reason behind this theory is that, in kalpurush kundali Libra Rashi falls in seventh house. Libra is the sign where Sun gets debilitated. If one suffers due to Sun’s position in Seventh house some remedies should be performed to cast off the malefic effects caused by it. One should sprinkle milk over the fire on which the meal for the night is cooked to make the fire lit off. The main idea behind this remedy suggests that Sun has fire which could be calm down by the help of its friend Moon in form of sprinkling milk. The other remedy is which is suggested by Lal Kitab that one must consume sweets first, and then drink water. As according to it Mars is associated with sweet honey.

The use of water and sweet, which is mentioned above signifies that one may take help of Moon and Mars who are Sun’s friends as remedial measures to cast away the negative influences caused by malefic Sun placed in seventh house.

If malefic Sun is placed in tenth house (profession house), One’s career and profession gets affected. In that case – cast a copper coin in flowing water as it removes doshas of malefic Sun. This remedy again emphasizes the principle to donate metal which is associated with the inauspicious planet. Copper and gold metals associate with Sun. Immersing a thing into the flowing water signifies immersing our sorrows& miseries in the water and flow them away.

If Sun and Saturn join together in the seventh house of kundali, spouse health gets affected, in that case donation of Jawar equal to weight of the native shall be beneficial.

In other situation, if Sun& Saturn are placed together in a sign and strong Sun combusts Saturn and its karkatwas – like house, business etcin that case donation of the articles of Sun like – wheat, gold, copper, jaggery (Gud) shall give relief. But in contrast to this, if Sun becomes weak due its association with Saturn and Sun’s Karakatwas like promotion, health, position, prestige, gold are affected, in that case donation of Saturn articles like – Iron, Oil, almonds is auspicious.

Association of Sun& Rahu in the Kundali, eclipses the Sun and destroys karkatawas of Sun. In that case, inauspicious can be removed by immersing Rahu’s articles like coal, mustard in the flowing water.

The conclusion is, donation of related articles of malefic planet in the Kundali helps one to remove the inauspiciousness caused by that planet.

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