Panchak Kaal

Is Panchak Kaal Inauspicious?

Have you ever heard about Panchak Kaal

Panchak Kaal – If we will go back to our childhood memores, we must have heard from our senior relatives that do not start this auspicious work or should not do that work in Panchak Kaal. If you will start any work in this time , you would have to do it five times to complete this work. So, is really Panchak Kaal inauspicious? Let us know about it.

Panchak Kaal

In Astrology, when moon effects Pisces and Aquarius Zodiac signs, that time is called as Panchak Kaal and it is considered as an inauspicious time. Thus, the five constellation Dhanishtha, Shatbhisha, Poorva Bhaadrapad, Uttara Bhaadrapad and Revati are known as Panchak Constellations. According to some astrologers, these constellations are inauspicious. Because of the nature of these constellations, any work done in this time repeats 5 times. So, Panchak Constellations are considered as inauspicious for any auspicious work.

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The Effects of Five Inauspicious Constellations:

1. In Dhanishta Constellation – Fire

2. In Shatbhisha Constellation – Discord

3. In Poorva Bhaadrapad – Disease

4. Uttara Bhaadrapad – Penalty in terms of money.

5. Uttara Revati – Loss of money

The Five Don’t in Panchak Kaal

1. In Dhanishtha Constellation, should not collect grass or woodden fuel because in this constellation there is a fear of fire.

2. In the Panchak Kaal, one should not travel to the South direction because the South direction is considered as the direction to ‘Yam’, so it is inauspicious.

3. In Revati Constellation, one should not construct the roof of the house because it causes the trouble in life and loss of money.

4. In Panchak Kaal, bed should not be prepared.

5. Any dead body should not be cremated in Panchak Kaal. It is believed that if any cremation done in this period that family loses 5 more family members. (So, if someone dies in this period and any family needs to do cremation in this period, they should make 5 mannequins by flour and grass and should cremate with the dead body as same as dead body properly. By doing this, that Panchak Kaal will not affect and no family member will die by the effect of Panchak Kaal/yog.

Panchak Prohibition Kaal

According to the Scriptures of Mahurat (auspicious time), at the time of finding the mahurat for Marriage and Mundan, this time must be checked. Other auspicious occasions as bhoomi poojan, house warming cermony and upnayan sanskaar etc. cermonies are not prohibited in Panchak Kaal. Also, in festivals like Bhai Dooj, Raksha Bandhan are also not prohibited in this time.

So, it is clear that it is a time which originated due to changes in five imported constellations. Some of the auspicious and inauspicious works are not advised to be done in this period of time. We would also like to advise our customers to avoid this time to do above mentioned auspicious/inauspicious work in this time; so that they should not revise those works five times in order to complete it.

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