Nakshatra Dhanishta

Nakshatra Dhanishta

Nakshatra Dhanishta (23020’ Capricorn – 6040’ Aquarius) is the 23rd Nakshatra and the word ‘Dhanishta’ translates into – ‘the wealthiest’ or ‘the most beneficent’. Dhanishta is ruled by the Vasus, the Gods of abundance. It is known as the “Star of Symphony”. Dhanishtha has two meanings in it – one is Dhana (riches) and the other is Dhvani (sound). Dhanishta builds upon the connections of Shravana and makes them more practical. This is 23rd nakshatra spans from 23degree-20′ in Capricorn to 6 degree-40′ in Aquarius and both the signs are ruled by Saturn.

Symbol For Nakshatra Dhanishta

All scholars agree on the fact that a musical drum is the main symbol of this nakshatra. However there is a difference of opinion in regards to the type of musical drum. Some equate the drum with a tabor, some with a tabla, some with an mridanga, the drum is actually a Damaru and Damaru is Shiva’s favorite drum.

Professions For Nakshatra Dhanishta

Musicians, Dancers and Performers, Drummers and those involved in the rhythm sections of bands and orchestras, Makers of musical instruments

All those involved in the Management side of the entertainment industry, Creative Artists of all types, Those involved in military bands and other types of marching bands, Gemstones and Precious Metal Dealers, Athletes and other Sports Persons, Group Coordinators in all fields, Those in the Real Estate Business, Landscape Artists, Those who deal in Financial Transactions, Scientists and Physicists, Computer Professions, Warriors and Military people, Poets, Songwriters and Reciters of rhythmical incantations, Vocalists with more emphasis on delivery than melody, Astrologers and Divinatory works, Psychic & Mediums, On a higher level those involved in Holistic Healing through Kundalini Yoga, On a lower level Surgeons and Medical Practitioners, Professions involving high tech devices and electronic equipment,

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Dhanishta

The main planetary influences affecting this nakshatra are Mars, Saturn, and Rahu. Mars is its primary ruler. It represents the pinnacle of Martian energy, consequently bravery is a quality strongly associated with this nakshatra. This is the reason why it connects with warriors, weapons and military personnel. Courage is a prerequisite for a lot of sports as well such as adventure sports or mountain climbing, and so this nakshatra finds its expression through people involved in such activities.

According to Varahamihira, Moon in Dhanishta makes a person “liberal, brave, rich and adept at music and other fine arts”.

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