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Taurus Monthly Horoscope March 2021

Taurus General prediction March 2021

This is the second sun sign, Venus, governs this sun sign. Natives of Taurus are having qualities like earth. They are strong and determined. They have a peculiar thinking, which can not be changed. They are either lenient or horrid according to the circumstances. As natives of Taurus are related to Venus, which is a planet which shows luxury, therefore these people like to live luxurious life. They like to eat delicious food, and always do experiments with food items. You may be worried about different things, and you may think that these things are not good for you. You may be worried about your job and finance but you are advised not to worry, because everything will be alright and favorable to you. You may get number of opportunities to travel for work and you will spend a good time with family and friends.

Taurus Job and Career March 2021

This month predicts success for the natives of Taurus, in their professional life. If you are thinking to start something new, then this is a good time for you. Those, who are waiting for their promotion will have good news in the beginning of this month, Venus will be in tenth house along with the Sun (which governs fourth house) this positioning is favorable for family business and it will give be beneficial for it. If you are in search of a job, then first half of this month may bring some good news for you. If you are planning to expand your business, then you are advised to take appropriate steps. This will be advantageous to you. Those who are interested in government jobs, should try for it. This month shows bright chances of getting this job for you.

Taurus Finance March 2021

You will fulfil your financial goals this month. You will have a regular income and you will be able to complete your wishes. Jupiter (which governs eleventh house) will be with Saturn in ninth house, therefore there will be some stagnation in your finance matters, in the first half of this month. But after third week, there will be regular inflow of money. As Sun and Venus are in eleventh house, this condition brings favorable results for professionals, who have converted their hobbies into their business. You can start some thing new, which may give you easy and quick success in future. If you invest in old property, or, paternal property, then Mercury, which will be in ninth house, will bring prosperity to you. There will be increase in your income, either due to promotion or due to new job. If you are planning to buy a new vehicle, then go for it in the beginning of this month.

Taurus Health March 2021

Those natives of Taurus, who are suffering from some illness, since long time, will have a good time. As this month shows that, they will have willpower to fight the illness, and be fit. But for this you have to follow a balanced life schedule. If you go to gym or start doing exercises, this routine will help you fight illness and increase your immunity. Those, who are suffering from diabetes, should avoid eating sweets, consuming cold drinks. This will avoid any complications in their life.
You are advised to avoid going in sunlight, this may cause skin allergy, or allergy in eyes. This month may be a boon, for those who are suffering from some critical illness and are not getting proper response to any treatment, they may get some new treatment, which will improve their health. This will also be beneficial for your health in future.

Taurus Love and marriage March 2021

This time may be a challenge for you in respect of your love life. As your partner may be demanding for your time and attention but you will be very busy in your work. Sun (which governs fifth house) will be in tenth house in this month and will move to eleventh house, this condition will make you busy in your professional life, and you may feel that your partner is not paying attention towards you. Therefore, there may be some differences between you and your partner. You are advised to maintain a balance between your profession and your personal life, so that, there may not be any clashes with your partner. Those natives, who are single, will have a good time and they may meet some special person. You will be attracted towards this person and there may be the start of new relation. Natives, who are married, will also experience a lot of love in their life, and you will feel deeply attached to your partner.

Taurus Family March 2021

This time will be a very good time for your family, you will spend a quality time with your family members. You will be careful towards your children, and think for their necessities and comfort. There may be good news, such as, a child birth in your family. You may take your parents to a pilgrimage. Sun (which governs fourth house) will be in tenth house, in the beginning of this month and this makes you more alert and careful for your family members and your house. You can plan a visit to your ancestor’s property. If you are planning a foreign trip with family members, then this is a good time to apply for visa, this time is suitable for your foreign trip.

Taurus Remedies March 2021

Chant, Gayatri mantra, daily for 108 times.
Give bread and jaggery to cow, before sunrise.
Offer water to banyan tree.
Give seven different types of grains to birds.
Keep a red pouch or handkerchief in your pocket
Drink water while going outside of the house.
Give sesame or black gram pulse to the persons who are in need, on Saturday.
Pray Lord Shiva daily and offer water and belpatra

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