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Leo Leo Love Compatibility

When Fiery King meets Fiery Queen, the flames of love and roars of passion have the whole jungle quivering with delight! Leo the Lion is the monarch of the zodiac, so the royal match is eagerly observed by lesser folk, since it’s on display for all to see.

The attraction is instant and the romance is hot. The Sun rules Leo so the central star of our solar system, the ruler of the heart, shines grandly on your love. Bold, adventurous, colourful Leo is a natural match for you, though some compromise must be achieved, since it is hard for you to share the limelight, or to sit on the throne at the same time.

You’ll love your regal partner’s grand sense of social awareness, fondness for society and natural ability to take command. So much like you! Leo can be bossy, vain and demanding, Leo can be possessive (out of pride and needing to be the centre of attention), but Leo is always loyal and true – and always takes care of loyal subjects. Hence you must surround yourselves with a suitably subservient court, so that there is more than enough adulation to go around.

One thing to remember: Leo is a Fixed Sign, so the ego-conflicts between two Lions can be tempestuous. The best solution (short of inhabiting separate caves) is to clearly mark your territories, so that responsibilities and benefits are equally shared. Two Fire Signs really light up the sky. Sex is a sort of visceral need for you both, and luckily you like the same things, so even if your lovelife is not particularly imaginative, at least it’s hot and satisfying. Smooth out any superficial personality conflicts, for at a deeper level, you are very well-matched. Competitive aspects between you can be exorcised in sport or other physical activities, though you both hate to lose, so you’d better come to some arrangement at tennis. Tensions can also can be defused through drawing brilliance around you in social gatherings, so that you both can shine. Your parties will be the talk of the town.

Together you make a great team, but if one Big Cat can’t get enough cooperation, or you resent each other’s attempts to rule, problems loom. You need a group of admiring minions around you to provide the backdrop for your mutual splendour. This relationship will be exciting and potentially long-lasting, particularly if you can find external interests in common, for the two of you can be very stubborn and mighty determined to get your own way. Understand each others strengths and weaknesses (for they are your own) and nothing will stop you.