Let Prosperity and Happiness Enter your House

Prosperity and Happiness – The Main entrance of a house is given importance in Vaastu. Here are some tips to mitigate Vaastu defects caused due to wrong location of the main entrance.

Prosperity Happiness

There are Vaastu principles which allow an auspicious main entrance only at a few selected places on each directional side of a premise and the main entrance on the south facing side is specifically considered inauspicious. So in practice one has a limited choice which becomes worst in case you are living in a house already built without Vaastu considerations. Also if you are living in a rented house or a single room portion then you can’t alter the location of your main door.

Prosperity and Happiness – Is there a way out …?

Yes, let me assure you that there is hope even for the most odd situations and problems!
The ultimate intelligent force which we all call as God has created this world with dynamism and hope in mind and not a fatalistic and closed outlook. Nature wants us to progress, move ahead and always experience the newness of change and abundance.

Let us do away with ill advice of those who have a closed mind and highly commercial interests.The author of this article has in depth knowledge of all ancient sciences, but he has a dynamic approach due to his highly scientific thought and a good tuning with nature.

If you are buying a new plot for building a house then take advice of a rational and well qualified Vaastu expert. But if you have little choice for selection of the main entrance side then do not get disappointed. In all such cases just follow all or most of the suggested tips below and keep no doubt in your mind,because let me based on my long experience warn you that DOUBT is the deadliest KILLER.

Prosperity and Happiness – General points for planning the main Entrance …
The following points are general and should be followed while building a new house.

(1) The main entrance should be large as compared to all other doors in the house.
(2) Keep the height as double that of its width.
(3) The main door must not be such that it closes and opens on its own.
(4) Avoid placing any door in the middle part of the house as it is believed to cause poverty and quarrels.
(5) The main door should be rectangular in shape or as semi-circular on top. Avoid a triangular shape door.
(6) A main door slanting inside is bad for the house lord and one slanting outward gives displacement.
(7) The doors must not open outwardly.
(8) Avoid a staircase opposite the main door.

If you are living in an already built or a rented house then you may follow as many of the following as possible to mitigate any Vaastu defects …

Prosperity Happiness – Vaastu Energy Plate …

This is a plastic plate approximately eight inches square and about half inch thick. Energy plates for different purposes have the relevant symbols inscribed on its surface and an aluminium wire wrapped all around. Fix this plate on the main door on outside.

(1) For Health and Harmony: Usean energy plate with a Swastika symbol.

Imp. Note: Here for my brothers and sisters of the west or all those not familiar with ancient Indian Auspicious Symbols I may clarify that the correct Swastika is as shown below:

Prosperity Happiness

Only a correctly drawn Swastika will draw positive, dynamic energy into the house. The correct Swastika as shown here has the middle line exactly vertical and the other centre line at 90 degree or exactly horizontal. This powerful ancient symbol represents progress of the right kind, dynamism and ever rising upward on the unending ladder of evolution.

The Swastika as used by the evil minded Hitler is a deformed symbol with all the negative attributes. It is interesting for the information of those who think Nature is dumb and deaf force. When Hitler copied our Swastika the benevolent Nature (Divine Forces) knew his ill intentions, so Nature caused him to tilt the original symbol a little backward so that it became a negative symbol symbolising fall and not progress. So in this kind and silent act Nature saved the pure and original form of Swastika by falling in wrong hands and meeting ill treatment and misuse.We all must bow in respect to the omnipresent and highly intelligent great force called Nature or the Divine Mother!!!

Prosperity and Happiness

The Crooked Swastika or the ‘Nazi Symbol’
Symbolises fall, bad intentions, death and destruction

(Never ever use this ill-fated negative symbol)

For Marital Bliss, Progeny and Harmony: An energy plate with a symbol of female egg and male sperm can be fixed in the bedroom of the married couple on the wall towards the foot-sideof the bed.

Prosperity and Happiness – General Tips …

(1) If a door in the south is not avoidable then fix, an iron nail or shoe plate of black horse (Kale ghorekinaal),

over the top of the door frame from outside. Also bury a silver band on the upper portion of the door.

(2 ) If there is a ditch, open ground or dark space in front of the southern facing main door then the brothers of

the owner may suffer. To mitigate this defect paint the walls particularly the southern wall of the rooms with
red colour.

(3) Making a door in the eastern wall at the south-east corner welcomes thieves and quarrels.

If unavoidable then paint the walls of the south-east rooms with cream (Off-white) colour.

(4) Put adequate lighting on each side of the main door.

(5) Do not decorate the main door as this may attract evil-eye.

(6) Do not paint the main door with black colour.

(7) It is auspicious to keep potted plants near the main entrance.

(8) Stick on the outside wall pictures of Gold coins, Cow with a calf or any other scene depicting motherly love.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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