Laughing Buddha in Architecture (Vaastu)

Laughing Buddha in Architecture (Vaastu)

Laughing Buddha is considered very important in vaastu. For increasing happiness and prosperity in the house, Laughing Buddha should be placed at the main door in such a way that the laughing face of the Laughing Buddha is visible to the family members and to every person coming in side the house. It is good to keep the Laughing Buddha at the height of approximately two and a half to three feet on any table. If it is not possible to keep the Laughing Buddha at a place immediately at the entrance then keep it at such a spot in the drawing room where every one can see it easily.

laughing buddha

Buddha should not be kept in bed room and kitchen as it becomes effect less when kept in such places.

The Laughing Buddha statue activates the energy entering from the main door and develops an environment of happiness and enthusiasm which results in increase in the prosperity of the house. Many types of statues of Laughing Buddha can be seen. Out of them, the statue of Laughing Buddha, whose hands are raised is very helpful in removing internal conflicts and increasing affection in the household. The Laughing Buddha having a bundle on his back is considered to bring prosperity and wealth and the Laughing Buddha with a large belly cures all diseases and provides good health.

If the Laughing Buddha is gifted by a well wisher or an outsider then it is considered to be more auspicious for welfare.

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