Keep the Vaastu Purush Healthy

Keep the Vaastu Purush Healthy

How is the health of the Vaastu Purush of your premises? I am giving a million dollar Vaastu mantra which works wonders, try it.

Vaastu Purush

In India you must have heard elderly people saying a phrase when talking about keeping healthy. The phrase is, “Peitnaram pair garam, sir thanda, Doctor aye to lagaodanda”

The essence of this phrase is that if your stomach is soft, feet are warm and head is cool then you do not need a doctor.

Years ago I thought of applying this age old wisdom to Vaastu of a plot of land or any premises and it really worked in most cases.

Keep the Vaastu Purush Healthy …

Any plot of land or a built up premises is animated by Vaastu Purush lying face down with its head in the northeast, stomach in the middle part and feet in the southwest as shown in the above sketch.

Keep the north east cool by keeping it open, clean and low. You can build an underground water storage tank in this part. Avoid making it hot by constructing a kitchen or keeping ant electrical or fire related equipment or machinery in this area.

Keep the stomach area or the middle part (Brahmsathan) clean and clutter-free. Never ever place heavy items here. Don’t you avoid eating heavy food for better health? So use the same logic here. In the morning when you are empty stomach you feel hale and hearty so try keeping this area of your premise empty if possible or at least free of undesired clutter.

And last but not least keep the southwest warm or in other words avoid underground water tank. Also keep the southwest boundary walls thick and high and leave no opening there in order to save energies from leaking out from there or allowing entry of negative energies from that direction. Don’t you wear socks to keep feet warm?

I have tried it and as per my advice many others have benefited, so can you!

Apply this Rule to Each Room …

Not just to the whole premises you should apply this golden rule to each and every room of your house. Keep water pots in northeast and electric room heater (in winter) in the southeast corner facing southwest.

And keep the middle of each room free of undesired clutter. If possible keep a bowl of water and float some fresh rose petals in it in the middle area of the room or keep about 250 grams of aniseed in a white cloth.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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