Divorces Happen Due to Erroneous Vaastu (Architecture)

Divorces Happen Due to Erroneous Vaastu Architecture

Vaastu Architecture – Descriptions of various ceremonies related to birth and death have been given in our ancient manuscripts. One important ceremony amongst them is marriage, under which a boy and a girl are committed to spend their whole life together with complete dedication and faith. In today’s life, where on the one hand, high level education, job and good salary has made girls confident and self dependent and on the other hand these smart girls, who are used to taking their own decisions and living their lives according to their own thinking, are not able to bear small-small things of their husband and want to take a divorce. Few years back, there used to be conflicts in marital relations but unlike today these relations did not break that easily.
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Vaastu Architecture – Vaastu in Marital Life

Vaastu Architecturealso plays an important role in marital life. Flats and houses constructed these days are complete with modern amenities but are of irregular shape. These types of houses have many architectural defects. If these defects are in the igneous angle or northwest angle then it affects married life. Due to these vaastu defects so many disputes crop up that it leads to divorce and dissolves this valuable relationship.

Here information on some such vaastu defects is being given which create situations for divorce

If the main door of the house is in the east igneous direction and if there is any underground source of water in the igneous direction then disputes between husband and wife arise owing to sinful deeds due to which divorce happens.

If, to reach the igneous block, there is a propagation path for east igneous then the male is of loose character and the house would be ruled by the wife and there would be disputes between the husband and wife.

If the bedroom door is in east igneous direction then due to dispute between the husband and wife a situation of divorce crops up.

If the main door of the house is in northwest then the head of the house has to undertake many journeys. He is of romantic nature due to which he has to face problems of treachery and deceit etc.

If there is an obstruction in the path in northwest then the women of that house remain sick and member of the house fall prey to bad habits due to which married life gets affected.

If the kitchen is in the northwest angle then the head of the family is of romantic nature and has many women friends. Many times, due to such friendship, a situation of breakage in the marital life occurs.

In those houses where the bedroom is bigger in comparison to any other room or the bed is in front of the main door then the husband and wife sleeping in such a room have illicit relations which, on being known, become the cause for divorce.

In today’s modern houses, the washbasins are being fitted in the bedroom only. The husband always suspects the character of his wife which later on becomes the cause for divorce.

The married couple should never keep their bed adjacent to the corner of the room. Due to this, the opportunities of being together lessen.

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