Indian Team Missing Support of Zaheer Khan

While Indian World cup 2015 team is missing support of pace-bowler Zaheer Khan this article analyses his birth chart to reveal astrology behind his excellent bowling skills..


Member of Indian Cricket Team since the year 2000 Zaheer Khan was born on 7th October 1978. He is currently out of the team due to being injured during the last IPL season.

Zaheer Khan is fast bowler,he swings the new ball and reverses the old and he controls well all the three famous brands of balls viz. SG, Duke and Kookaburra.

Analysis of his Birth Chart

Zaheer Khan is a fast bowler and to be more specific technically he is left-arm pace bowler.

As per the astrological research done by the author of this article for fast bowling the planets Mars and Sun are main significators. In terms of birth chart houses the 3rd house and in terms of the zodiac signs Gemini signifies this type of bowling.

Now taking into consideration the specific style of Zaheer Khan his 11th house (representing his left arm) is also significant.


In his birth chart his 5th lord Sun is placed in his house of profession viz. the 10th house. The trine lord Sun’s this placement makes it an auspicious and Yogakarak planet. His 11th house is made strong due to presence of Mars and the 11th lord Venus.

Conjunction of Mars and Venus here gives him passion and pragmatic energy to ball so well.

So the correct placement of relevant significators in his birth chart gives him strength, proper grip, fast run and physical energy for his style of bowling.

Zaheer Khan got injured in 2014 during the sub-period of Mercury in the main period of Venus.

In his horoscope his Mercury falls in the nakshtara (constellation) of Mars and his Venus is in the nakshatra of Jupiter. Mars indicates injury and Jupiter is his ascendant lord, but it is ill placed in the 8th house of unexpected sudden happenings.

But there is good news for all cricket fans and fans of Zaheer Khan that his ascendant lord Jupiter is exalted so he will be fit soon and let us enjoy his bowling charm as before.