Astrology of Sachin Tendulkar’s batting Prowess

As a tribute to the wonder Player, the article explores the astrology behind his extraordinary batting prowess..


My study and analysis of horoscopes reveals that in cricket for excellence in batting the planets Jupiter Moon and Mars in addition to the 3rd house of the birth chart and the zodiac sign of Gemini play crucial role. [Planets that make a Good Cricketer]

Strong Jupiter and Mars as well as the 5th house of Sports

In Sachin’s birth chart Jupiter and Mars are conjunct in the 5th house of sports. Mars is exalted and that cancels the debilitation of Jupiter, so this conjunction not only strengthens the 5th house of sports, but also gives him batting prowess. He gave best performance in batting during the main period of Mars.


Saturn favoured him

The lord of the 5th house viz. Saturn is very well placed at 5th place from the 5th house in the 9th house of luck in its friendly sign. Jupiter aspects Saturn and thereby relates it to his sports potential.

Strong Moon

Moon is the 11th lord and it is the depositor of Jupiter. The Moon falls in the fiery sign of Sagittarius in the birth as well as the navamsha chart. Thus Moon is not only a vargotam planet but also its position in a fiery sign gave the native powerful batting ability.

Strong 3rd House

As exalted Mars governs the 3rd house in his chart and it is well placed therefore the 3rd house is also auspicious and strong.

Strong Gemini Sign

The zodiac sign of Gemini falls in his 10th house of profession and lord of this sign viz. Mercury being his ascendant sign is auspicious for him. Checkout Gemini weekly and Gemini Daily horoscope

Strong Ascendant

Mercury strengthens its sign of exaltation in the ascendant due to its aspect.

Auspicious Astrological Combination (Yoga)

Placements of the 12th lord the Sun in the 8th house in its sign of exaltation gives rise to an auspicious Viparita Raja Yoga and due to this all odds have always turned in his favour.

Rahu prompts him for Graceful Retirement

In November 2013 during the sub-period of Mars in the main period of Rahu, Sachin Tendulkar retired gracefully from international cricket after playing his 200th and final Test.