Three Best Batsmen of Indian Cricket

All three belong to ‘The 10,000 Club’ viz. the players who scaled the 10,000 run mark in International cricket.


Let us analyse the birth charts of these three giants of Indian Cricket. For excellence in batting planets Jupiter, Moon and Mars are the main key planets. In addition to these the 3rd house of the birth chart and the zodiac sign of Gemini are also important.

Sunil Gavaskar

In his birth chart of Sagittarius ascendant sign Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house. His Jupiter is in the constellation of 9th lord Sun. Since his Sun is very strong with Shadbal of 159 so Jupiter is favourable and strong. His natal Moon is well placed in the ascendant in its friend Jupiter’s sign. His Mars is under its own constellation.


The 3rd house gains strength since its lord Saturn aspects it from the 9th house. And lastly the Gemini sign is strengthened due to presence of Mercury and Sun. So he could prove his excellence in batting. During the peak of his career he was running the main period of Rahu. In his chart Rahu represents Jupiter and also it falls in the constellation of Mercury (lord of Gemini sign).

Sachin Tendulakar

In his birth chart Jupiter being the lord of square houses occupies the 5th (trine) house hence it becomes a yogakarak (very auspicious) planet. You may note that the debilitation of Jupiter is cancelled due to its conjunction with exalted Mars.

His Moon is in a friendly sign and his Mars is exalted and conjunct Jupiter in the 5th house of sports. His Gemini sign falls in his house of profession and its lord Mercury is well placed at 10th place from the 10th house.

Sachin gave best cricket during the main period of Rahu. In his chart Rahu represents the two key planets viz. Moon and Jupiter and aspects its sign of exaltation in the 10th house of profession.


Rahul Dravid

In his birth chart Jupiter as the ascendant lord is very well placed in its own sign in the house of profession. His Moon is the lord of the 5th house of sports and very well placed in the ascendant in a friendly sign of Jupiter.

His Mars is his luck lord and very well placed in the 9th house in its own sign.


His Gemini sign is aspected by its lord Mercury from the 10th house. He gave his best performance during the main period of Venus which is placed in his house of profession.