Planets that make a Good Cricketer

Planets that make a Good Cricketer

Planets – Cricket no doubt is a national game of India as you may find children and grown-ups playing cricket at street corners and in open spaces. Good cricketers not only earn name and fame they become wealthy too.


Although many try their luck in becoming good players yet only a few reach heights of glory and recognition. It is not only true for cricket rather for excellence in any sports you need the necessary astrological make up in order to excel.

In the game of Cricket there are five different positions where a player needs unique set of abilities and skills, these five positions are:

Batting, Bowling, Fielding, Wicket keeping and Captaincy of the team

It is rare to find a player who can perform well in all these positions. The first four can be developed but the last one viz. managing the team as a captain is largely a natural ability which can be polished a bit. Let us discuss what each position calls for on the mental, physical and astrological fronts.

Let us look at the planetary significations for all these positions:

(1) Batting: A good batsman is an asset for a team. A reliable bats man need qualities such as Patience, Good judgement, impulsive strength, relaxed but focused mind, good grip to hold the bat in a right way and good posture.

The planets which impart such inborn qualities are Jupiter, Moon and Mars. Apart from these planets the 3rd house and the sign Gemini in that players birth chart play significant role.

(2) Bowling: Good bowling involves lot of technicalities and skills but some have natural instinct to grasp these quickly. A bowler needs Stamina, energy, proper grip, running skill, manipulation of arms and hands, good grip. Astrological factors involved are; planets Mars and Sun the houses 3rdand 11thand the sign Gemini.

(3) Fielding: Fielding is as important as batting and bowling because bad fielding can defeat even a team with best batsmen and bowlers. Good fielding calls for full body control, agility, ability to quickly catch and throw the ballimpulsive strength,fast running and ability to stop abruptly. The planets which give these abilities are Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. In addition to these the houses 3rd, 11th and 12th and the zodiacal sign Gemini.

(4) Wicket keeping: Wicket keeping requiresStrength, alertness, ability to catch, concentration, and long hours of standing, good vision and for these features we need planets Sun, Venus, Saturn and Mars and houses 3rd and 11th and the sign Gemini play their roles as well.

(5) Captaincy: A cricket team needs a captain to inculcate team spirit and coordination among players. The captain is chosen from among the players and usually the one who gets on well with all players and has leadership qualities is given this responsibility. For this position planets Jupiter, Mercury and Sun and the 7th house need to be strong and free from afflictions.

The ‘Wonder Player’ – Sachin Tendulkar


Birth chart of Sachin Tendulkar

For a good batsman the significator planets are Jupiter Moon and Mars and the 3rd house and Gemini sign.
In Sachin’s birth chart both Jupiter and Mars are conjunct in the 5th house of sports and aspect the 11th house of gain and fulfilment.

Jupiter also aspects the 9th house of luck and the ascendant and the 5th and 6th lord Saturn.

Mars as the 3rd lord has given him name and fame in sports but as 8th lord has caused him some unexpected troubles like not being able to score in some matches and getting injured many times.

Moon is the 11th lord and it is the depositor of Jupiter, which has already been described above. The Moon falls in the fiery sign of Sagittarius in the birth as well as the navamsha chart. Thus Moon is not only a vargotam planet but also its position in a fiery sign gave the native success in batting.

The 3rd lord Mars is placed in the 5th house of sports and aspects the 11th house of gains and fulfilment also the Gemini sign falls in the main house of profession. All these positive factors reveal the excellence of this ‘Wonder Player’.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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