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Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 27 November – 03 December 2023

The transit of the Sun through the 10th house brings health considerations about knees and chest area. Your knees will be very active, and it needs more nourishment. The bone health is very important, so you need more calcium. There will be some work related pressure, so you should focus on your work as well. This is an opportune time to establish healthy work routines and habits, ensuring adequate breaks for physical and mental rejuvenation. The pursuit of career goals can be integrated with health-conscious decisions, such as incorporating healthy snacks and staying hydrated during work hours. The visibility of one’s professional life may encourage individuals to prioritize their health as it contributes to overall success and longevity in their chosen field. Regular exercise, particularly activities that can be seamlessly integrated into a busy schedule, is emphasized. The chest area is also active, so you need to focus on your breathing pattern.

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Aquarius Health Weekly Horoscope 20 November – 26 November 2023

The sun will move into Sagittarius, which will impact your calf area and will be highly sensitive in the coming days. There are some concerns regarding your hip area. You may have a lot of work and be very busy, which may add sensitivity to these areas. So, please don’t overstretch yourself. The sun is aspecting the abdominal areas as well. You must be careful with your diet. Indigestion may come in. Try to have enough water and avoid any fancy food items. Your heart and chest area will activate with these aspects, so please avoid spicy food items. Too much spicy food can give you chest burns.

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