Visit to Lord Saturn in Astrology

In the field of astrology the importance of planet Saturn is unique. This is obvious because the Saturn is the designator of philosophy. In astrology Saturn has been negatively termed as a cruel, low caste, sinful, torturing and black planet. On the other hand Saturn has also been positively termed as a planet that gives punishment for sins, giver of salvation and owner of permanent assets. Saturn is cruel, black and a part of time yet he is the one who offers salvation to creatures. Salvation is the final truth and such a truth is not black. It is a bright truth and is against the darkness of sorrows.

Saturn makes creatures to come out of the darkness of this Universe towards light according to their deeds. It is the final hour of all creatures thus it is the supporter and helper of death. Saturn works as the supporter of Yamaraj the God of death and gives punishment to them according to their deeds. He is the giver of punishment. Due to this reason common people consider Saturn as the giver of troubles and sorrows. Yet Saturn has the authority to decide what punishment sinners deserve. This punishment gets manifested with the help and support of the other planets. Among all creatures Saturn is their time as it is the giver of salvation. It is an aggressive planet that brings creatures from darkness to light. Hence oil is also offered to it. Offering oil to Lord Saturn is an old ritual.

After the final dissolution of the entire universe the entire space gets filled with darkness and Saturn is the representative of this darkness. This darkness is the symbol of permanence as it is the final end. Saturn is also blue complexioned among all powers. He is also the helper of the Trinity of Gods namely Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Saturn also became the supporter of Lord Vishnu in his ten incarnations to help in his tasks. With the help of Saturn Lord Ram killed Ravan and Lord Krishna killed Kansa. With the support of Saturn Lord Parshuram made the earth empty and bereft of Kshatriyas many times. With the help of Saturn Lord Narsimha killed a powerful asura like Hiranyakashyapu. Wherever there is trouble and sorrow there is Saturn. This planet connects creatures to the higher self and proves that God is the greatest. Saturn act as a connecting bridge between Almighty and all creatures.

Whenever any person becomes arrogant and does not accept the authority of the almighty then Saturn comes and destroys his arrogance and makes him know about the higher self that is God. Arrogant persons like Ravana got rid of arrogance due to Saturn and atoned for their arrogance. Saturn was the person behind this incident. Saturn belongs to the lower class that represents giving services to others. Saturn represents the feeling of serving and helping others among creatures. Saturn also has the post of judge or giver of justice. He gives results to human beings according to their vitreous and sinful deeds. He is that judge that gives justice without doing any kind of partiality.