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Capricorn Health weekly Horoscope gives you great insight into your health and helping you in planning the same.

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Capricorn Health Weekly 23 April – 29 April 2018

Venus will move into the sector for lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh and, kidneys. You will have to control the zeal for sweet dishes. Venus may not perform well during its plight through this sector. You may have digestive issues, so you have to control your diet. Mercury is moving through the sector for heart, lungs and chest area. You should think about improving your oxygen intake. If your health permits, wake up early and go to a place full of trees. It will make you lively and happy. This is a good time for brisk walking and meditation as well.

Capricorn Health Weekly 16 April – 22 April 2018

The new moon will rise in the 4th house of heart, lungs, chest area, blood, and diaphragm. This movement will trigger the water element in your body. You should take enough rest and don’t indulge in any verbal spats. Moon also represents the blood, fertility, general weakness, emotional health and functional health, fluids in body, blood and lymph. So, your body fluids are activated and you must take care of your blood pressure and sugar level. This is a good time to take a sugar test. Please do some breathing exercises if your health supports that. That will keep you lively.

Capricorn Health Weekly 09 April – 15 April, 2018

Mars is re in the 1st house of head, brain, and mind. Your mind and brain are too much activated and they have become very sensitive. This can give you headaches and of course stress. Get an oil massage on the head, have oranges, keep yourself hydrated, sleep for at least 9 hours, early to bed, and read holy texts. This will calm you down. You can practice yoga and meditation as well.

Capricorn Health Weekly 02 April – 08 April, 2018

Mars is moving through the sector for personal life, eyes, head and cranium area. Mars is a fiery energy and it is in the sector for general health and happiness. Your whole body is actually heated and you should focus on cooling your body. Drink enough water and take shower twice a day. Wash your feet before you go to your bed. Due to this fiery energy, there can be a headache, joint pain, and stress. You may act in haste and that may cause minor injuries. This is just a possibility, not a sure fact. You can have an impatient nature, so don’t get into any arguments with anyone. You must take care of your emotions. During this week, most of the physical issues will be arising from your emotional tantrums.

Capricorn Health Weekly 26 March – 01 April, 2018

The 10th house of the knees, bones, and flesh, patella, and knee pit will become very sensitive during this week’s full moon. Eat calcium-rich food for making your bones stronger. Bones go weaker when it is asked to carry more weight. So go for a weight management program. You can try this at home also. Please do some minor workout programs, if your health permits. Any busy person can do this. Soaked almonds are good for bones. There is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian in a test mode.

Capricorn Health Weekly 19 March – 25 March, 2018

Mercury is moving in a slowdown mode and it triggers the sector for
heart, lungs, chest area, blood, and diaphragm. During this week, acidity can bring some issues, so kindly avoid such food items, which can increase the acidity. You may get chest burns as well. There is nothing wrong with going for a blood sugar test. This retrogression time is ideal for research regarding your health and vitality. You can do breathing if your health permits and that will help you to be fresh. Your lungs also will be happy when they get more fresh oxygen.

Capricorn Health Weekly 12 March – 18 March, 2018

Mars will move into the sector for the head, cranium area, face and general health. Mars is an aggressive planet so; you can also become an aggressive person. This aggression can bring physical issues like cold, fever, body pain or stress-related issues. Please try to be calm and keep yourself away from all controversies. You must take good food and enough rest. The new moon will rise above the sector for neck and shoulder area. This indicates stress related to these portions as well.

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Capricorn Health Weekly 05 March – 11 March, 2018

Your 4th house of heart, lungs, chest, breast, blood, and diaphragm is activated with Mercury. Mercury will move into the fire sign of Aries and you should be very careful with your diet. Please avoid spicy food as it can disturb your digestive system. Chest burns are possible. This is a good time to go for a blood test. You can also go for a blood test for blood sugar and there is nothing wrong in taking a test even if you are physically fit. Breathing exercises will improve your lungs. Those who have congestion related issues should avoid being in triggering areas. Brisk walking is very good if it is done in the early morning. If your health permits, then try crunches also.

Capricorn Health Weekly 26 February – 04 March, 2018

The full moon will rise above the sector for leg area and it will aspect the sector for neck, throat, collar bones, hands, and breathing. This is a time for full body activation. There will be a lot of activity and it may make you scattered. Please make a good plan and adhere to it. There are chances for body ache or cold. These minor discomforts are the part of transit and you will be fine after this transit moves out. For the time being, you have to be careful with your bone health. Have enough calcium and take enough rest. If you have too much of stress, then don’t wait for home remedies.

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