Zeenat Aman Westernised the Image of Indian Actress

During the seventies while other heroines portrayed typical Indian woman’s look with heavy jewelry and elegant saris, Zeenat Aman let down her silken hair, sported big casual earrings and wore a tight sexy mini…


Even if she wore a sari her Aura was that of a sensuous woman. The term ‘Diva’ best fitted her as she entered Bollywood in seventies.

Conjunction of Venus and Mars in the ascendant aspected by retrograde Jupiter gave her undying passion, bold attitude and high degree of individuality. Presence of Saturn in the ascendant kept her passion under her moral control.

Conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the sign of Mars gave her sharp intellect so she possessed both ‘Wit’ and ‘wisdom’.


In her birth chart both Saturn and Venus as the lords of the trine houses viz. the 5th and 9th respectively are placed in the ascendant, so she was destined for name and fame

Her first landmark film ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ came in 1972 during the sub-period of Jupiter in the main period of Saturn. Her Jupiter falls in the nakshatra (constellation) of Saturn and Saturn in the nakshatra of the 11th lord Moon. Since the Moon is placed in its own sign in the house of fulfilment and is under aspect of Jupiter, she was famous right from this film. In fact this film proved a turning point in her career.

Retrograde Jupiter in a birth chart may not fully cause deviation from the righteous path, but it definitely gives a marked individuality to the native’s personality.

It was the influence of Mars and Sun that she looked gorgeous in red, orange and pink colours in her attire. Her Mars is placed in the ascendant and it falls in the nakshatra of the Sun.

Because of Mars aspecting the 7th house of marriage and retrograde Jupiter in that house, she faced marital problems and could not find true love.

It was during the sub-periods of Mars and Rahu in the main period of Mercury that she faced troubles with Sanjay Khan and later her husband Mazhar Khan respectively.