Guru Dutt – Astrology of Guru Dutt’s Enigmatic Personality

Guru Dutt believed in quality than quantity, he made less than 50 films in his lifetime,and most of these crowned the ‘Golden Era’ of Bollywood. He was born on 9th July 1925 and his birth name was Vasant Kumar Shivashankar Padukone.

Guru Dutt

Guru Dutt – A Versatile Performer

In his birth chart Moon falls in the constellation Dhanishtha of Mars. This constellation was responsible for making him a great and versatile performer.He entered the Indian film industry in 1944 during the sub-period of Mars in the main period of Rahu, as a choreographer in Prabhat Studios.

Rahu in his chart representing Mars, Mercury, Venus and Moon and Mars being the 5th lord brought him to the film industry. The planets Mars, Venus and Mercury are very much related to choreography. Venus and Mercury later brought him to acting.

Influence of 5th and 10th lord Mars and 4th and 11th lord Venus and 3rd lord Mercury on his ascendant gave him an insatiable deep desire to bring out the essence of the characters he played in all his films.


Attractive Personality but Mysterious Nature

In the ascendant conjunction of Rahu and Venus gave him an attractive personality. Conjunction of Rahu and Mercury gave him cordial but mysterious nature.

Self-Neglect and Suicidal Tendencies

Since his natal Moon occupies the sign Aquarius of Saturn in the 8th house and falls in the constellation of Mars and both these planets are of Tamasik nature (Quality of Dissolution) Guru Dutt attempted suicide on two three occasions during the years 1960 to 1979 in the main period of the 8th lord Saturn. Conjunction of Rahu and Mars in the ascendant strengthened his self-destructive tendencies resulting in self-neglect and repeated suicide attempts.

His earlier suicide attempts failed as the 8th cusp falls in the constellation of Jupiter, which being a natural benefic acted as his life savior.

Due to the influence of Mars and Saturn on the natal Moon he resorted to heavy drinking.

Did He Kill Himself?

Guru Dutt was found dead in his bed on 10th October 1964 during the sub-sub-period of the 2nd lord Sun in the sub-period of 3rd and 12th lord Mercury in the main period of the 7th and 8th lord Saturn (Sa/Me/Su). So the 2nd and 7th houses of death are involved. Involvement of the 8th and 12th house points towards a possibility of death due to suicide by consuming sleeping pills and alcohol.