What Narendra Modi Birth Stars Predict?

Narendra Modi Birth Chart (According to Hindu calendar)

Narendra Modi was born on 17th September 1950. His zodiac is Scorpio according to the date and Sagittarius by the year of his birth, according to the Hindu calendar.

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

Jupiter is placed 7th from Sagittarius in the sign of Aquarius, which is also placed with Moon. Mercury is the lord of his birth year. In next year, his Lagna is in Aries and ‘muntha’is in Pieces as per the Hindu calendar. If muntha is placed in birth Lagna then Muntha will be in fourth or the fifth place successively.

Currently, Rahu is moving secretly in the house of moon. Rahu has always been very favorable for Mr. Modi and in 2007, when he won the election in Gujrat then also Rahu was moving secretly. Now again, in the house of moon, on the day of Rahu which is Friday, Rahu is moving secretly which means ‘Rajyog’ (omnipotence).

Narendra Modi’s Navansh and Dashansh Kundali

Navansh-Kundali (1)


In Navansh Kundali also, Moon is in the sign of Virgo and Rahu in Leo. Jupiter is monitoring the house of fate being the lord of the house.

Like Navansh Kundali, Dashansh Kundli is also of the Cancer Lagna and the Jupiter is situated at the tenth place. The secretly moving Rahu is situated in the 6th phase and eyed by Jupiter.

Rahu is affecting the 10th phase and that is why Rahu is constantly conspiring omnipotence in Mr. Modi’s Kundali.

After October 2014, when Moon will be in great state and Jupiter would start to move in secretly then ‘Gajkesari yog’ will become very powerful and give its results. The revolutionary decisions of his life would start under these circumstances.

BJP’s Kundali


Why is Rahu so fruitful?

Rahu in his kundali is situated in the constellation of Saturn and Saturn is at the tenth place from the Birth Lagna. Saturn at tenth position pulls down the pulls down the person above and brings promotion. Narendra Modi came to the front foot leaving Mr. Advani and Mr. Keshu bhai patel.

This clarifies the role of Saturn in his life. Sun is very impressed by him and Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Ketu situated in the constellation of Sun is very important in his kundali.

Neechabhanga Raja yog

The term Neechabhanga indicates cancellation of debilitation.debilitation. Neecha, means “debilitated” and bhanga, means “annulled”. The situation of moon in BJP’s kundali makes the Neecha bhangaraja yog and BJP came into power when Moon was in mahadasha.

The surprising fact is that moon is situated in the lower planes in Mr. Rajnath Singh’s kundali. His birth constellation is ‘jyeshtha’ and ‘Anuradha’ for Mr. Modi; due to this fact the duo has an amazing performance in their field. Just to quench reader’s curiosity, we have published the kundalis of BJP and Rajnath Singh in jyeshtha nakshatra.

This fact would be all the more exciting when readers would know that Mr. L K Advani was also born in the same nakshatra. Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s kundali is also of Scorpio ‘lagn’ and his birth lagn as well as moon is of ‘jyeshtha’ nakshatra. His kundali is also being cited here. The facts of lower astronomic representation of BJP and all its stars is a subject for research.


kundali-chart (1)

kundali-chart (2)

A new prediction is being professed on the bases of birth Nakshatra of Mr. Narendra Modi, Lalkrishna Advani, BJP and Raj Nath Singh that Mr. Advani would not retire and his innings are yet not over, he will be at a high position in times to come.

It is because the six kind of powers that a planet has is very low for Sun in Mr. Advani and Mr. Singh’s kundali. They will get success only after performing huge rituals to strengthen the Sun. On the contrary, Sun is the most powerful planet in Mr. Modi’s kundali. Hence he will get the great omnipotence.

The six powers of the planets, in Mr. Modi’s kundali, are being shown below:

Sun 1.41 Moon 1.09 Mars 1.31

Mercury 1.26 Jupiter 1.23 Venus 1.09

Saturn 1.39

Planetary Positions (Gochar)

When the election results would be declared, on that day Mr. Modi’s planetary move will be in ‘sampattara’ (the 2nd Nakshatra from the Moon and from all Nakshatras ruled by the same planetary ruler as the Moon).

The Ketu at 6th asterism would be eyed by the retrograde Mars along with Rahu and Saturn. Now, because the Sun will come in the seventh asterism from the lagn so an intense game of value adulation will go on and his supporting parties would be lured. Mr. Modi would have great challenges with his co partners.

Om Prakash Mathur – (Mr. Modi’s chief advisor)


He has been the president of BJP in Rajasthan and later moved on to Rajya Sabha. He has been the in-charge of Gujrat elections, in all the previous elections and currently managing the elections for Mr. Modi.

His current planetary position states that Venus is in mahadasha and Jupiter is in antardasha (moving secretly). When the results would be declared in antardasha of the lord of fate (Jupiter), then Jupiter would give effect of Cancer at that time and he will have a strong fate.

Mercury and Venus are sitting in the tenth asterism from the Moon which professes the omnipotence of first grade. Accordingly, it is predicted for Mr. Mathur that he will go a long way in politics. He will get a high post and antardasha Jupiter will be very profitable for him.

The planetary move after 16th May is very favorable for him and he will become popular. As he the chief advisor of Mr. Modi, hence his birth chart also indicates the better time for Mr. Modi.

BJP-astrological-chart (1)


BJP’s astrological chart shows weak six powers of Mercury; which is in pratyantardasha. So, currently in BJP’s chart the Sun is in mahadasha, Rahu is in antardasha and Mercury is in pratyantardasha.

Due to week Mercury, BJP will not be able to make the government on its own, without any support. They would lose some seats unexpectedly. So, they would have to make strong compromises to get in the league of power.

At this time, the horoscope chart of congress shows Rahu in mahadasha, Jupiter in antardasha are moving at the first level in Venus.

The birth chart does not indicate such bad situation as it has been propagated. But the contestants from congress, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s astrological charts are not showing good. Which has to be borne by the party.


BJP with its supporting parties will claim to make the government but before this they would have to do get into severe political bargain. The week after election results declaration is very important and it would be the talk of the town.

BJP will be in a secure position by 18th May 2014. The current Lok sabha session will end on 31st May 2014. The planetary move of Jupiter, in Mr. Modi’s asterism, starting from 1st June 2014 will be in his favor. Finally a lot of event sequence seems to be favorable for him.

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