Astrology of Numerology

Does the title of this article sound a bit odd? No not at all it is basically astrological facts and principles which support the truth contained in the ancient science and art of Numerology.


The entire single digit numbers from 1 to 9 are governed by the planets as described in the table below:

Single Digit Basic Number

Governing Planet



















Among the planets of Vedic astrology the Sun is very influential and that is why it is assigned the number 1. The number 1 person is distinctive, dominant and hard to be ignored; after all it is the Sun which sustains life on this planet so how can anyone ignore the magnanimity and attractive aura carried by the number 1 person.

Since the Moon does not have light of its own and just reflects the light of the Sun so it is at number 2. The number 2 person in general has a personality which may reflect the influences of others upon the person. There is generally lack of individuality and authority. It is like a fluid which takes the shape of the container it is placed in. But on a positive note since the heat producing intense light is absent and it has only cool and soothing radiation a person under positive aspects of the Moon is peace and harmony loving.

Jupiter being a massive planet naturally comes at number three and very distinctly represents the attributes of the number three. The number three represents the Trinity principle on which the creation, preservation and transformation aspects of the nature are based. How can one prosper and be on the right path without the influence of the number 3 and its governing planet Jupiter.

The planet Jupiter under negative influences may take the person on a roller costal ride but when due to spiritual development Ida and pingalanadis are overtaken by flow of prana in the Sushumana then one is closer home through Nirvana (liberation).

The number 4 gets its immense power not just from the Sun but also mainly from the Moon’s node Rahu. The non-physical planet Rahu can make or mar a person depending upon the person’s ability to control his or her mind through the use of intelligence.

The number 5 is filled with the outgoing, friendly and communicative aspects of the planet Mercury. The number 5 person is born to create friendship and communication links. Such a person can be a great success in business since communications and relationships can boost any business.

The number 6 conveys comforts, ease, indulgence, luxuries and sexual instinct and all these are definitely under the planet Venus. Without influence of Venus or the number 6 no one can have artistic approach and nobility of character.

The number 7 is weak yet mysteriously influential. So it must have acquired its traits from the Moon and Ketu.

The number 8 has such a shape that it very well depicts the unnecessary mental grooves in which one may get entangled due to depressive and restricted way of thought. For such a person the only hope is spiritual awakening through pranayama and meditation.

The number 9 is the one which under influence of Mars keeps this material world in the rat-race which most people rejoice 24 x7. Without this number there can be no adventure or enterprise. It acts as a natural lubricant for the worldly commerce based machinery.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar