What makes Sonam Kapoor Bold and Beautiful?

Influence of Venus and favorable Mars makes her bold and beautiful.


Sonam Kapoor is an Indian actress and daughter of actor Anil Kapoor. She was born in Mumbai on 9th June 1985. She began her carrier in 2005 by assisting the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the sets of film ‘Black’.

It was the main period of the 5th lord Jupiter running at that time which brought her to the film industry.

Bold and Beautiful: Due to her favorable and yogakarak Mars which aspects the 5th house and her 5th house cusp falling in the constellation of Venus she is bold and beautiful on screen or as a model.

Period of the 5th Lord Brought her to Acting: Sonam Kapoor made her Bollywood debut with the movie ‘Saawariya’ opposite actor Ranbir Kapoor in 2007 during the sub-period of Moon in the main period of Jupiter. Jupiter is the lord of her 5th house and also Jupiter falls in the constellation of Moon.


Interests in Reading and Writing: In her horoscope Venus falls in the constellation of Ketu which is placed in the 3rd house. Also her Mercury is depositor of the 3rd lord Venus therefore she developed interests in reading and writing.

Since her Venus is conjunct Rahu and both these aspect the 3rd house she is more interested in writing and directing than acting.

A Truthful Person: In her chart the 2nd lord Mercury is very well placed in a friendly sign in the 10th house. Mercury in the sign of Venus and constellation of Yogakarak Mars and the aspect of Jupiter on the 2nd house makes her a straightforward and truthful person.