Aries Tarot Weekly Reading

Aries Tarot Weekly Reading by covering Health, career, love and relationships. Truthstar predicts what the stars hold for aries in this week.

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Aries Tarot Weekly Card Readings 14 January – 20 January 2019


You need not to compromise on health front as you have the tendency to become inflexible in your approach when it comes to your health. Try to see how you are dealing with health issues because chances are you are resistant to changing your ways for the good. You have established your own way of living and are following the tried and tested ways. At times, employing new ways like following a different diet plan or a fitness regime will go a long way in improving your health situation. Don’t be rigid in getting things done your way.


It is important at this time that you have focus and determination to achieve your goals. Chances are that you will be faced with difficulties and others may try to limit you. Be confident and hard working to overcome any opposition. Do your best and don’t worry about how others perceive your efforts. You will be quite charged up at this time to undertake a new project/venture. Those who are looking for employment may face competition. Draw upon your will power to beat it. Someone on the professional front may prey upon your caliber so be diplomatic in shedding him or her off. Your approach to emotional affairs is going to be pretty neutral.

Love & Relationships

A potential for new beginnings in relations or renewal is definitely on the cards. If you are already committed then you will find a deeper spiritual meaning with your partner. You will be set out on a journey into the unknown. So trust yourself and keep moving. Those who are single before starting a new relationship it’s important to look at where you are going. You have a tendency to become carefree and do not mind what lies ahead. Going overboard with this attitude will put you in an unfavorable spot. So take care of it. You will be much sought after in your friend’s circle.

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Aries Tarot Weekly Card Readings 07 January – 13 January 2019

Health –

Hi, Aries!!! This week you are determined to follow the resolutions in terms of your health which you set in this year for yourself. Planned diet, exercise, adequate rest and spirituality all are being taken proper care off. Your aggressive and adventurous spirit will motivate you to do something very mind boggling venture. Creative pastimes will be satisfying and bring happiness in life. You will step out of your comfort zone and remain active throughout the week.

Career / Profession

There may be issues of justice and fairness. You may have to become accountable for your choices. Should you have acted in an unfair matter, it may come back to haunt you. If things should proceed with fairness and integrity the outcome should be positive. It is your grace and diplomacy that take you to high places and to important people. You should take the time to restructure your life according to moral principles. It would be in your best interest to explore other points of view. Listen to them and be honest in your approach.

Love & Relationship

Relations are demanding and need your time and attention. It is best to maintain balance between work and relationship. If have your eye on someone who you feel is not treating you the way they should, then it is the time to stop fantasizing about this person entirely. There is time to find a real soul mate. The married relations too need to have a look on their responsibilities. They may have conflicts over money, finance matters. Better to clear all the grudges before you get into mess. Secret or extra marital affairs may create tension this week, take extra care if you don’t want to reveal them.

Aries Tarot Weekly Card Readings 31 December – 06 January 2019

HEALTH – Hi, Aries!! You will have abundance of energy, passion and enthusiasm that encourages you to move forward and to get the wheels in motion, despite any challenges or setbacks that may potentially stand in the way. You are in perfect health and you may be more prone of sharing your confidential information about yourself. So protect your privacy, guard yourself of sharp edges instruments as some minor injury, cut, or pain is likely in this week.

CAREER – Your great insight and mental clarity will produce good results in career. This is a good time to act and achieve your desired targets. The new opportunities will knock at the door; promotion after second miss out is likeable. If you are appearing for interview, you are prepared for the battle and defeat others with your sharp intelligence. This is a break through time to pursue new opportunities and to draw upon your creative and mental ability and do new avenues for making more money.

LOVE & RELATION – Aries person are thoughtful and understanding in relations. A feeling of true satisfaction can be seen and enjoyed in this week. Those in love, continue to have smooth ride. Life is much better now and will continue to be so, unless you commit some folly. This is a time to go with the flow not to be pushy or aggressive as that may cause rift and confusion. Otherwise you will be helpful and concerned and provide inputs to sort things out.