Aries Tarot January 2022, Free Aries Tarot Monthly Reading

Truthstar Free Aries Tarot Monthly Reading predicts what the tarot cards hold of Aries for your Tarot monthly horoscope in this month. provides Free Aries Tarot Monthly Horoscope for Aries Prediction covering Romance, Career, health, and other key elements affecting this Month.

Free Aries Tarot January 2022

Aries Tarot January 2022 – Romance and Relationship

Card of the Month – The Hierophant

The demands of your career are beginning to limit your relational and social life at this time. It’s been a slow creep toward this situation, so you’ve not really noticed how bound by work demands you’ve become. It’s time to look realistically at this situation and to begin to rectify by putting your foot down and defining your boundaries.

Aries Tarot January 2022 – Career

Card of the Month – King of Swords

This pertains to those issues brought up in your above sector of romance and relationship. It tells us that you will be victorious when you re-examine your work demands and reach for fairness in your work/life balance by approaching your employers and sorting out a schedule that allows you the necessary rest and recreation time.

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Horoscope January 2022



Aries Tarot January 2022 – Finance

Card of the Month – Nine of Cups

Well, if you’re wishing for a surprise financial windfall it’s going to come your way this month. Good. But there is the advice in the cards that you fully disclose this windfall to all bodies applicable to taxation or other official and bureaucratic offices. This will prevent some difficulties that would arise in the future.

Aries Tarot January 2022 – Focus of Soul or Being

Card of the Month – Seven of Swords

There’s a person close to you, most likely a family member or offspring, who is not being level or truthful with you. This person is very good at telling you what you want to hear and such deception is likely to hurt your trust once the truth comes out. You will do what you find necessary and there will be celebrations in time to come.


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