Free Aries Tarot Monthly Reading, Aries Tarot Reading November 2020

Truthstar Free Aries Tarot Monthly Reading predicts what the tarot cards hold of Aries for your Tarot monthly horoscope in this month. provides Free Aries Tarot Monthly Horoscope for Aries Prediction covering Romance, Career, health, and other key elements affecting this Month.

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Free Aries Tarot Monthly Horoscope November 2020

Romance and Relationship

Knight of Pentacles
Actually your emotions are all taken up with money worries. There’s an inner struggle going on around what you have to do and what you have to do where money is concerned. You’re strong and you’ll undertake what seems necessary, even though it’s quite a juggling act that doesn’t align with your inner wants. Take heart, there’s a new possibility coming up that will serve both your finances and your joy.


Knight of Swords
Although you’re nervous around career issues and decisions, you’ll go bravely into battle to make things right for you. Initially the remuneration won’t be more than basic, but that’s going to change very soon. There will be a fine harvest coming in from an unexpected direction and that will help. The possibility of a partnership of some sort should be taken seriously, it could serve you well.


Seven of Swords
Oh dear! A bit of money is owed to you and you’re not going to get it unless you stand strong and demand your rights. Calm but immoveable will win the day. There will be a short period of juggling finances, but you’ll win sooner than you expect and all will be well. You’ll also be rather proud of yourself for your polite insistence

Focus of Soul or Being

Nine of Pentacles
Actually this is a case of all’s well that ends well. The issues arising this month are teaching you more about how to use your fiery energy in a calm and measured way. Also you are being guided toward making your living in a more realistic way. You must work in a way that feeds your joy as well as supplies your material needs.

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