How Vaastu Makes a Place of Worship Better


Ways to connect your Prayer Room with mighty GOD

Generally, you will find prayer room in every house. Most people do not notice certain things while making a prayer room in their house. It is better to make the place of worship according to the rules of Vastu. These rules includes direction, worship place etc. The house which is constructed by following Vastu rules can give you happiness, prosperity and wealth in life. Consequently, people like to havehomes based on Vastu Shastra. If you decorate your house in accordance with Astrology and Vastu tips, it will not only enhance architectural beauty but it also give bring in happiness to your house. Vastu for home – Check Vastu for Home for all major parts of house

So, keeping this facts in mind, there are certain DO’S and DON’T regarding the VASTU.

– It will be better to have light yellow or whitecolor marbleon the floor of prayer roombecause it isconsidered aspure/superior in all aspects.

– Use white, light yellow, light cream, light indigo colors on walls and curtains of your prayer room.

– To have graceful and auspicious environment you can opt for colors like light orange, saffron for the decoration of the room.

– While worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, it is better to use flowers like Lotus and you canalso decorate your prayer room with the same.

– One should place Gods and Goddess idols in the east or west direction adjacent to prayer room.

– Idols should not face the northern or southern side of the room. Activate Northwest for Prosperity and Happiness

– Eye sight of the Gods and Goddess must not align with each other.

– Doors of the room must not be made of wood.

– It will be better to have doors facing northern or western direction instead of eastern direction.

– Idols should face towards the entrance gate of the room.

– Inscriptions of Dome and Urn should be strictly avoided.

– According to Vastu, sanitary, kitchen and any store room should not be adjacent to the prayer room.

– Prayer room should not be carved into the bedroom.

– Use of light yellow and white colors for the floors and walls are favorable for the prayer rooms.

By keeping all these points in mind, one can get the grace of the almighty and live life comfortably.

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Article by:Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar