Activate Northwest for Prosperity and Happiness

Activate northwest

Activate Northwest

The Northwest direction as per Vaastu principles is governed by the Moon. If this area of premises is cluttered, untidy or unlit then negative energy so generated keeps prosperity and happiness at bay.

In Vaastu this direction is known as Vyavayaand is governed by the element Air and the planet Moon.

The Vaastu principles do not recommend building a bed room, study room or a kitchen in this area. A bed room here can cause frequent cold and cough problems to the dwellers. One may not be able to get full concentration in studies in a study room located here. Women working in a kitchen located here may suffer from too much fluctuations of the mind and lack of peace.

Also it is suggested that the ground level of this direction must not be lower than that of the northeast. A lower level northwest may cause health problems and unwanted litigation to the owner.

Ways to activate this direction to give Happiness and Prosperity

By positively activating this area of a premise one can open the gates of happiness and prosperity. Here are some recommendations in this endeavor:

– Do not cover this direction up to the outer boundary and leave some area uncovered.

– Make a small garden or keep potted plants here. This will give the owner spiritual development and increase in good luck.

– Get an energised Chandra Yantra (Yantra of Moon) and fix it in this direction.

– Paint the walls in this area with white paint as white is the colour of this direction.

– It is of utmost importance that this area is well -lit with lights which are turned on at dusk without fail.

– If there is a small room or a store in this direction then keep it clean, uncluttered and well-lit.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar