Vaastu for Paintings And Models


The following paintings/models/statues/scenes and the like should not be displayed in the house:

1. War scenes of Ramayana, Mahabharata etc.

2. Scenes signifying sorrow, cruelty, struggle, poverty, tragedy etc.

3. Pictures and models of wild and beast animals and birds like Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Pig, Snake, Owl, Crow, Eagle & Pigeon etc.

4. Scenes of Dead soldiers, animals, Flood hit, Riot hit & Earthquake etc.

Which paintings and scenes to be displayed on your home walls

Your home is a place where you spend maximum time with your family and dear ones. Thus you should display paintings and pictures that depict auspicious images and things. Let us see what kind of paintings should be shown on the walls of your home:-

1) Flowers

Flowers represent feelings of love, friendship and peace. They also denote good luck and prosperity. Flowers like Roses denote feelings of love and romance. Their paintings should be installed in your bed room. On the other hand the flowers of Yellow Marigold denote Good Luck, friendship and prosperity. You can install their paintings in your sitting room. You can also install the paintings of spiritual flowers like the Lotus. They represent peace and purity.

2) Animals

In general you should avoid keeping paintings of animals at your home. Yet the paintings of white horses can be installed in your drawing room as these horses denote good luck, strength and stamina.

3) Your family picture

When you want to maintain peace and harmony within your family then you can hang or install your family picture for it. Just install this picture at the South West corner of your home in your sitting room. If you want to enjoy a happy married life then install a photo of you and your life partner at the South West corner of your sleeping room.

4) Prosperous deities

You can invite prosperity to your home by installing paintings of prosperous deities like Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha in your worship place.