Role of Venus and Jupiter in Gains through Business

Both Venus and Jupiter in a birth chart play important role in giving success and prosperity through business

Gain through business

Gain through business

In Vedic Astrology the planets Jupiter and Venus are very much connected with success, rise, wealth, business growth and comforts.

The planet Jupiter in general is considered most auspicious while Venus is at number two.

Some Indications which Give Success and Prosperity through Business ..

– In a birth chart the planets Jupiter and Venus having strong links with the 2nd or 11th houses or both gives gains through business.
– A strong 3rd house may give great success in business
– For partnership business Mercury should be strong and have links with the 7th house.
– Association of strong Venus and Mercury with houses of profession give success in business

Jupiter and Venus played crucial role in Chart of Bill Gates …

Here is the birth chart of Bill Gates. In his birth chart Jupiter strengthens the 3rd house due to its placement there in the sign of Leo, also Jupiter aspects the 7th house of partnerships, 9th house of luck and also the 11th house of gains. Astrology behind Bill Gates Richness

Bill Gates Birth Chart

Bill Gates Birth Chart

Venus is placed in its own 5th house and aspects the 11th house of gains. Bill Gates became the youngest billionaire in the year 1987 during the sub-period of the 2nd lord Moon in the main period of Venus. During this time he also met his future wife Melinda because of the 5th lord Venus.

Bill Gates faced difficulties in business during the years 1969/70 in the sub-period of Rahu in the main period of Mercury. So it was Rahu placed in the 6th house which caused some problems.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar