Vastu Remedies for Bedroom

Vastu Remedies for Bedroom – Making a comfortable bedroom is very important and when you construct the house according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra, you must stay aware that the direction in which your falls can have a great influence on your life. Let us identify the best portion of a land to construct the one of most important place of our house.

Vastu Remedies for Bedroom

As per Vastu Shastra North direction is meant to create the entertainment area hence one should avoid the constructing a bedroom in this portion. North-east direction or the mid of the house is certainly not suitable for constructing bedroom, especially the master bedroom, because north east is the God’s corner and should be left aside for worshiping. The main bedrooms of any house should be constructed in the South direction and the master bedroom should be in South-west ideally. If we give such bedroom to the children in house then they would tend to dominate hence the ideal position of children’s bedroom can be in East or West side of the house.

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Vaastu Tips for Master Bedroom

The master bed room in Northeast is supposed to be major Vastu defect according to the Vastu Shastra.

The Master bedroom in east leads to poor health and fluctuating moods for the head of the family.

The master bedroom in Southeast would disturb the mental health of the family head. It can also lead to problems like high BP, Diabetes, and Short-temper etc.

Master bedroom in Northwest gives negative effects on family head and makes you travel unnecessarily. This direction is good for guest’s bedroom.

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The master bedroom in North direction creates problems in growth of wealth and economic decline in the family and leads health problems also.

However bedroom between the North and Northwest for the newly married couples is believed to be lucky.

The master bedroom in South-west is best because the geomagnetic effects of this direction are most relaxing for mental and bodily health. It is the best portion of house to get good sleep and rejuvenate for taking the challenges next day.

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The Ideal shape of any bedroom in house should be square or rectangular. It is also apt for placing bedroom furniture without wasting much of space. Some other useful tips are:

1. Avoid putting a mirror in your bedroom
2. Avoid putting any electronic item (such as T.V etc.)
3. Avoid sleeping under beams
4. Do not let your bed touch the walls.
5. You should leave some space open in the north-east portion of your bedroom.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar