Wonderful Remedial tips for Wealth, Prosperity and Health

Wonderful Remedial Tips – Here are some remedial tips for abundant health and happiness,these are time tested and work if applied with Faith, Hope and Confidence.

Wonderful remedial tips

Helen Keller’s quote as above is very inspiring since she herself was a symbol of Faith, Hope and tremendous Confidence.

Wonderful Remedial Tips – Here are some general but time tested and efficient remedial tips:

1. If facing scarcity of wealth and lack of mental peace then use silver utensils for eating and drinking purposes.

2. If facing illness, disputes with others and general obstacles in life due to afflicted Mars in the birth chart then feed tandoori chapatti to animals especially on Tuesdays.

3. For improving your bank account balance make it a habit to sincerely respect elderly people.

4. If facing lack of good luck then wear a gold ring or necklace or a bracelet.

5. For better luck apply a saffron holy spot (Teeka) on your forehead.

6. For prosperity worship Lord Ganesha.

7. For improving mother’s health give feed to fishes and cows.

8. For getting or protecting a government job sincerely respect your father and offer water to the rising Sun.

9. Feed green fodder to a cow on Wednesday for health of your wife and also for improving relations with her.

10. For prosperity and smooth flow of money keep some dry fruits wrapped in a yellow cloth in your money box or money-safe (tijori).

11. For prosperity and favours from government feed raw sugar or molasses (gur) and black gram (kalachana)to monkeys.

12. For success in education always respect your mother.

13. Avoid building a staircase in the middle portion of the house as it can badly effect health of the occupants.

14. For avoiding or curing depression light a lamp (Deepak with mustard oil) in the southeast corner of your house every evening.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar