Marriages are made in Heaven

Marriages are made in Heaven

Marriages are made in heaven, but decided on Earth. The truth is that all probabilities are arranged in the astral world long before we are born. The type of parents, gender, and life partner and all other events and situations not in certainty but as probabilities are pre-planned in the Astral by our real or over-self.


As all future is in the form of probabilities only therefore for everything there are options or alternatives. Even in the case of life partners there are many alternatives depending upon the type of experiences to be gained.

A Sacred Alliance

Indian culture regards a marriage as a sacred alliance between two persons of opposite sex. This alliance is not considered at human level only rather it is believed that two souls unite through marriage for seven incarnations in order to work out their Karmic links. What a great philosophy which binds so strongly the otherwise so fragile marital bond as per the western thought.

Hats off to the ideal Indian culture, but unfortunately, it got badly shaken by the western thought invasion.

Which is better; Arranged Marriages or Love Marriages ?

Although most marriages are arranged yet love marriage is not new to Indian culture, it used to be called Gandharv Vivaha.

It does not really matter by which way two persons are united, nature operates in many ways. Both types have good success rate as well as failures.

The changing lifestyle is now tilting towards love marriages.

People in love need to ensure that it is not mere infatuation rather a deep rooted mutual love which prompts them to tie a marital knot.

Extra-Marital affairs

Extra marital affairs work like an axe to break even the strongest marital bond. Both partners need to look into any such possibility before they consider a marital alliance. Extra marital affairs are responsible for many broken families. Nothing is gained by such childish and rather foolish activities. Both partners need to exercise mutual consideration and let peace prevail. In lot of cases poor children suffer due to this malice.

Does Match Making Work?

Well, it is difficult to comment about this but one thing is sure it is just another tool in the hands of nature. In some cases a mistake by the matching pundit or astrologer was instrumental in uniting two persons of incompatible horoscopes resulting in a successful marriage. So whatever method you may choose the mysterious workings of nature are strong enough to bring two souls together or prevent them from meeting.

But this should not discourage anyone, just follow whatever way your heart says and leave the rest to nature.

The Mangalik Dosha

Oh come on, why so much fuss about such things? We need to exercise a little more flexibility. Life is meant for learning only. Two perfectly matching persons won’t learn anything from each other and it may be just a life wasted in the eyes of God.Marriage alliance is meant for working out Karmic links as well as learning important lessons of patience, tolerance, peaceful living through the principles of sacrifice and give and take.

Harmony in Marriage

Well it does exist but only in cases where the partners learn the essential principle of ‘Give and Take’.

If you are a male and desire to have a good wife then in the first place you have to ‘Give her’ a good husband. The same applies in case of a girl she has to ‘Give him’ a good wife before she expects to get in return a good husband. So the principle of ‘Give and Take’ is a golden rule which can guarantee peace and harmony in marriage.

Should Married women Work?

Well it is again a sensitive and personal issue, but you must give it a thought; is wealth more important than bringing up self-confident and well groomed children-the future of our loved nation? Just give it a thought. An ‘Aaya’ or servant or baby sitter can be no where comparable to a loving, feeling and caring own mother! Just give it a sincere thought and forgive the author of this article.

Male-female Equality

It is a misnomer, mind you there is no such thing, if it were God would not have created them differently. And mind you we are not talking about justice, in this regard both are human and deserve respect and justice. But a female is created by our dear God with some special provisions which a male is not capable of and vice versa. After all there is a ray of wisdom in the saying, “It may take a hundred men to make a camp but it takes a woman to make a home”

Child Bearing

Well again the western invasion of thought is mainly responsible for a misplaced feeling among our modern female generation that child bearing is a curse by nature.

Oh my God! Where are we heading for?

It used to be a privilege and proud feeling by our mothers to bear and nurture children. So please give it a thought and let child bearing and nurturing regain its lost glory and respect. It will be a great service to humanity and God! We need a well-balanced future generation for a terror free peaceful world!

The Role of sex in Marriage

Don’t be shy, you all married couples! Let there be honest, natural, mutual and love based pure sex.

Pure, natural and love based sex in marriage should not be a taboo. It works to strengthen the marital bond and does wonders in spiritual development.

Well we are strongly against unnatural and offensive sex.

And just another wise tip; if you want to give birth to mentally as well as physically and emotionally strong and balanced children then there must be real sincere mutual love in the sex act; it is a requirement of nature.

Mechanical (loveless) sex act produces without fail unbalanced and weak children!

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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