Mercury Married Life – Importance of Mercury in Married Life

Mercury Married Life – General effects on married life of planet mercury.

Mercury Married Life – This article evaluates the general effects on married life of planet Mercury when posited in the 7th house of a birth chart in different ascendant sign birth charts..

Mercury Married Life

The planet Mercury as per Vedic astrology is signification of Intellect, education, communications, relationships, sense of humour, wit and wisdom, youthfulness, speech and its quality etc.

Mercury Married Life – Role of Mercury in Married Life…

In marital relationship Communication, Speech and its quality, Sense of humour, Youthfulness, Intellect, Sense of partnership, Self-esteem, Friendship play important role and all these are under the planet Mercury.

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Mercury in the 7th House of Marriage

The 7th house in a birth chart is the main house signifying marriage. Mercury placed in this house gives results depending upon the sign falling in this house in a birth chart.

Please note that the general results as described below may get modified in an actual birth chart, depending upon the following factors:

Conjunction of Mercury with other planets

• Nakshatra (Constellation) in which Mercury falls.

• Aspects of other planets on Mercury and 7th house.

• Mercury’s position in the Navamsha (D/9) chart.

However we describe below the general results related to Married life of Mercury in 7th house in charts of all ascendant signs:

In ARIES Ascendant Birth Chart: Mercury here causes delay in marriage, effects health of spouse. If Mercury in this position is under malefic influences then disharmony with life partner can be there. The native is advised to select a partner carefully and not in hurry.

In TAURUS Ascendant Birth Chart: Mercury here gives plenty of sexual desire and the native takes care of spouse. Marriage is generally stable but some disharmony can be expected at times.

In GEMINI Ascendant Birth Chart: The native has strong attachment with spouse. Under negative influences it may cause disharmony due to nervous troubles and restlessness.

In CANCER Ascendant Birth Chart: Delay in marriage and poor health of spouse are major affects when Mercury is placed in this house.

In LEO Ascendant Birth Chart: Under favorable influences Mercury is not bad here but under negative influences cause health problems for the spouse.

In VIRGO Ascendant Birth Chart: Mercury placed here causes struggles, health concerns of one’s spouse but the native has strong attachment with his or her spouse.

In LIBRA Ascendant Birth Chart: Mercury in this house under negative influences causes lack of sexual desire and possibility of two marriages. Under positive influences Mercury here can be giver of good luck after marriage.

In SCORPIO Ascendant Birth Chart: The native’s spouse is of attractive personality. If under negative influences then Jupiter’s favorable influences on this house can save marital relationship.

In SAGITTARIUS Ascendant Birth Chart: Mercury here being a Raj-Yogkarak gives timely marriage, there is good relation with spouse.

In CAPRICORN Ascendant Birth Chart: Mercury in this chart in the 7th house gives timely marriage but causes occasional disagreements with spouse.

In AQUARIUS Ascendant Birth Chart: Mercury in this chart gives great probability of love marriage. Overall good and harmonious marital life.

In PISCES Ascendant Birth Chart: Mercury here gives timely marriage and marital bliss as it is in its sign of exaltation. But Mercury here gives lack of sexual desires.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar