Sun Signs and Yoga Asanas

Sun Signs Yoga, Sun Signs and Yoga Asanas

Article is written by Pandit Dakshinamoorthi

Sun Signs Yoga – besides showing some general characteristics that distinguish a person’s basic attitude towards life – also show a general pattern of health conditions. We have the advantage of the wisdom of ancient stalwarts in astrology many of whom had practiced both Medicine and Astrology. The great enigmatic visionary Nostradamus was a medical practitioner, and Hippocrates, the father of Modern Medicine was also an astrologer. Astrology does not seek to encroach upon the domain of medical persons; it certainly does not lay that diseases are inevitable as per astrological findings. But to be forewarned is to be forearmed. There are potential weak spots in each one’s constitutions and by working on improving that, we stand the chance of leading a healthier life without health complaints. It is with this end in mind this write-up has been conceived.

Sun Signs Yoga

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Our Rishis of India were without doubt persons of encyclopedic knowledge and have devised yoga Asanas for perfection of body humours to maintain good health. I have done independent research over the years spanning thousands of my own clients and have found that certain yoga Asanas benefit certain sun signs the best and practicing these from a young age can help the native maintain good standards of vitality and health. Of course, all yoga Asanas can be done by everyone provided they are not medically contra-indicated. The list provided under each sign shows the Asanas that the native should try to perform more regularly (in case the native does not have time to spend on yoga Asanas and wishes to perform only some Asanas every day). It is best to begin these practices under guidance of an expert and also after taking medical opinion if you are past your middle age.

If you are already ill/ sick, or have some health complaints, it is best to seek the advice of a medical practitioner who is also exposed to “Hatha Yogaa” (practice of yoga Asanas) before going forward with these. If you are already in good health, following these recommendations could possibly keep you ‘fit as a fiddle’ all your life.

Aries :

Neuralgia (nervous pains), fibromyalgia, insomnia, and eye-troubles might afflict Aries natives.

It is mainly because their nervous energies and reactions might out-run their nervous resources! Violent over-exertion and outbursts of anger can trigger physical imbalance in Arians. The trick in maintaining good health for Arians is to cultivate mental poise.

Recommended – Sun Signs Yoga Asanas: Sarvaangaasanaa, Makaraasanaa, Savaasanaa in that order. Similarly practicing Seethali Praanaayaama will help them to fight heat-related disorders during summer.


Throat troubles of various kinds, obesity, hypertension, rheumatic pains/ arthritis, diabetes can be the main afflictions.

Self-indulgence and lack of exercise are the main triggers for physical ailments in Taureans. Another reason for ailments is the tendency to brood over difficulties or grievances. A reasonable amount of exercise in the open would benefit Taureans a lot. Walking barefoot for at least half an hour will be good for these people.

Recommended – Sun Signs Yoga Asanas: Sarvaangaasanaa, Haalaasanaa, Chakraasanaa, Sethubandhaasanaa, Savaasanaa.


Respiratory disorders, and some problem with bone-strength/ muscle power can afflict Gemini natives from middle-ages of life.

Restlessness and the consequent nervous strain are the worst culprits for ill-health of Gemini natives. Geminians try too many things too often. They should learn to focus their energies better in stead of dissipating them.

Recommended yoga Asanas: Padmaasanaa (with kumbhaka Praanaayaama), Makaraasanaa, Dhanuraasanaa, Sarvaangaasanaa, Savaasanaa.


Nervous exhaustion, stomach disorders, possible weakness of kidneys. Curiously, though the diseases Cancer shares its names with this sign, researches indicates Cancerians are at the bottom of list of population afflicted by Cancer (Cancer can afflict any one, but a general pattern suggests that not many Cancerians are victims to this; this information is just to reassure those Cancer natives who might be having fears as to whether that dreaded condition will afflict them).

Cancerians are emotional and sensitive. Their health troubles are generally started by emotionally upsetting incidents. Learning to take things in their stride and cultivating a healthy humorous attitude can go a long way in ensuring good health for Cancerians.

Article is written by Pandit Dakshinamoorthi

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