Control your Sakata yoga to get the wheels of Fortune spin in your favour

Sakata yoga: By definition this yoga arises if Moon is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses from Jupiter in the chart, or vice versa.

This is one of the most destabilizing yogas in a chart. The native will find it hard to enjoy semblance of stable progress. Often things seem to happen at the last moment to unsettle all previous efforts and there is many a proverbial slip between the cup and the lip – in all matters of life!

Classics opine that the native will earn much by own efforts, lose it by fatalistic turn of events, and then regain it back, and possibly lose it again, if he is careless! The person will have the potential for gaining good fame (I will cover why it is possible to be famous in spite of the Sakata yoga shortly….) – but will suffer incurable anxiety and much confusion in all matters of life.

In practical situations involving thousands of my clients, I have seen this yoga manifest unfailingly in one of the following ways:

(1) A very successful beginning in life : a model life with good progress but suddenly around marriageable age, there is job loss or unfavourable transfer affecting all other plans in both personal and professional life.

(2) A constant pattern of doing well in prelims but failing in mains of any competitive exam : not necessarily the IAS, a constant pattern of being judged popularly as a skilled person by colleagues and super-bosses – but the immediate boss plays spoil sport during each appraisal/ promotion interview, a constant pattern of things seeming to work well till the last moment while something or other happens at the last moment to totally derail the process – like the entire project being cancelled, or the company suddenly entering a difficult phase and inducing austerity measures!

(3) Confusion in everything : it always seems that the other road should have been the right one – literally so…practical events often happening in such a way that the choices that the individual makes take him/ her along a road which is tougher while the other choice would have been a swan-song!

(4) Constant flux : constant transfers or change of jobs – though sometimes for good, making the person feel lost out in the long-run because he/ she finds in mid-career that they don’t have deep connection with the colleagues around them while everyone else seems to have a trusted circle of associates because they have all associated with each other over extended periods; this person has been a rolling stone gathering no moss – and equally no connections too! In short – a successful career, but personally unfulfilling after sometime – causing anxiety and feelings of insecurity.

The Sakata yoga can give good fame mainly because obviously, if Moon is in the 6th or 8th from Jupiter, Chandra Athi yoga arises (benefics in the 6th, 7th, or 8th houses from Moon gives Adhi yoga). If Moon is in the 12th house from Jupiter, it causes sunapha yoga, and if Moon is in the 2nd house from Jupiter, it causes Anapha yoga. This is the reason why good fame is possible whenever Sakata yoga is present in the chart! That is the beauty of astrology – no yoga is ever blemishless, and no dosha is without accompanying positivity! It just needs keen intelligence to identify them!

IMPORTANT: Now, is there an inherent remedy in the chart for this relative placement of Jupiter and Moon? Yes, it is there luckily! If either Moon or Jupiter is placed in a quadrant from the ascendant, the Sakata yoga gets cancelled – Sakata Yoga Bhangam. So, a native with such a horoscope WILL NOT suffer the evil effects of Sakata yoga – but will enjoy the good effects of Anapha, sunapha, or Adhi yoga as applicable!


A person who accumulated wealth by cheating others or preying upon others’ weaknesses or unknowingly misappropriated wealth of Deities suffers Sakata yoga in next birth.

Obviously most decent persons won’t cheat – because we all have inherent repulsion for that. But, “preying on others’ vulnerabilities” is a very tricky thing – especially in professions like medicine and astrology….an astrologer who gives predictions and lives on the wealth got by such consultations might be very much a candidate for this – because there are times when clients approach the astrologer with vain hope that “something might have changed from the previous consultation” or sometimes with meaningless doubts arising out of false beliefs. I mean no offence to anyone here…….I am myself a practising astrologer and obviously won’t throw stones from a glass-house….but, as I am a practising astrologer, I know the pitfalls of this profession where clients tend to tempt the astrologer with untenable requests like “Sir, you have predicted it won’t happen; yes, it did not happen that way; but somehow I want the man back in my life. Can you give me a remedy so that he divorces his wife and marry me instead!” The astrologer should plant his feet down and say a firm No and divert the client – possibly denying the email-based request on ethical grounds, or if the client comes in person to divert their energies to other thought processes intelligently – rather than allowing them to consult on the same lines paying fee for a matter which you know has no hope. Trying to cater to the client with remedies just in hope that the client will later see sense is almost preying to the vulnerability – though with good intentions! I am just giving one good example of how even an ethical practitioner may unknowingly invoke bad karma even while acting with the best of intentions.

Again unknowingly misappropriating Wealth of Deities is a very tricky thing…..obviously most God-Loving individuals won’t even dream of misappropriating Temple Wealth – but it can happen in the most innocuous of ways….like plucking flowers from temple gardens! If such a necessity arises, we should at least compensate it by nominal offerings to the temple before we use such articles (the necessity can arise if the flower/ leaf plucked has medicinal properties and it is not found elsewhere in the vicinity).

Thus, victims of Sakata yoga are sometimes persons who have fallen prey to force of circumstances and committed deeds, the gravity of which is not apparent at the time of the deed, but follows for subsequent incarnations till the dosha is nullified by experiencing the destabilizing effects.

We have discussed in length about the karmic reason for Sakata yoga.Now, let us discuss why there is Sakata yoga bhangam placement in the natal chart….Brahma Rishi Vaakyam states that if the person who accumulated wealth by unfair means repented later and spent the money on charities, the person is born with Sakata yoga bhangam placement in next birth.

Now, what could be the remedy for such a dreaded yoga that threatens to dilute every other good yoga of the chart? Will it be very complicated? The answer, thankfully, is NO!


Fast on Mondays and Thursdays and worship Goddess Gowri on Mondays, and Lord Shiva on Thursdays. Also offer physical service in a temple or charitable institution on Sundays or whenever possible! ….yes, that simple!

How long to perform the remedies? The answer is: Till we see obvious relief from the destabilizing influences!

Will it work? It seems too simple and good to be true! The answer is: Well, if the remedy is done with absolute Faith, and with the repentant attitude (I have committed it unknowingly in my last birth –Oh Mahaa DEva – Please protect me from such bad vaasanaas of my mind and help me to lead an ethical life at least in this birth), it will surely give results fast.

So, if check your horoscope to see if there is sakata yoga in your chart – and if it is there, follow the remedy suggested above culled from the ancient Classic Brahma Rishi Vaakyam – and make the Wheels of Fortune spin in your favour.

Article by: Pandit R. DAKSHINAMOORTHI