* Yogic Cure for Leading Endocrine Disorder in America*

Approximately 27 million Americans suffer from thyroid disorder. Here is a Yogic Asana which can be of great help in this disorder’s prevention as well as cure.

Every year millions of people develop thyroid problems. In addition to this large number, there are many suffering from thyroid disorder, but are unaware of this as their disease remains undiagnosed.

In many cases the symptoms are mistaken for other health problems like anaemia, fatigue, depression, slow metabolism and fail to be related to thyroid disorder.

Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) is considered to be one of the most effective yoga poses for hypothyroidism. The Shoulder Stand Pose allows the flow of blood from the feet and legs to the neck where the thyroid gland is located. This helps in stimulating and nourishing the thyroid gland.

Important Notes: (1) You are advised not to take Yogic postures as a kind of alternative medicine.

(2) In case you are already under medication then continue it along with the Yogic posture. Your regular practice of Yoga will gradually reduce your dependence upon medicines. But keep taking your doctor’s advice.

(3) Those suffering with any ailment including thyroid disorder must take advice of a qualified doctor before doing this or any other Yogic posture.

(4) Those of age about 40 years and above, who have never before practised Yogic postures also must take permission from a doctor.

How to do Sarvangasana?

Step 1: Lie supine on a rug spread on the floor and breathe normally. Relax and do not hurry.

Step2: Slowly lift up your both legs straight up while keeping the upper part of body from waist upward still flat on the rug.

Step3: Now gracefully lift up the upper part of body from shoulders to waist upward and let your feet go beyond your head while your both arms remain flat on the rug on both sides.

Step4 (Final Position): Now supporting the back with both hands (elbows on the rug) bring the whole body from shoulders to feet straight up so that your neck is at right angle to the body. In this position your chin will dig into the neck.

This is the final position of Sarvangasana. In the beginning remain in this final positionfor about a minute and then gradually if possible try to increase this time to maximum of 3 to 5 minutes. Do not strain yourself, you must remain relaxed and comfortable in order to benefit. Increasing the time of remaining in this final posture is not as important as being comfortable and free of strain while doing it.