Unfailing Methods To Get Rid From Debts

Unfailing Methods To Get Rid From Debts

Debts – Every person on this earth works to earn money. So that his needs are fulfilled& his life goes on smoothly at social level. But sometimes when his expectations are high and there are limited sources of income, he takes debts to reach his goals& is often encumbered. Debt is like a marshy land if one happens to fall into it, comes out after a great difficulty. In this article, some very simple yet unfailing methods have been described which helps one to get rid off debts.


If one follows these tips He/she does not come under tremendous pressure caused by taking or paying debts, and one gets easily free from debts:

1. Never take loan on Sankranti day.

2. Don’t take loan on Tuesday and give on Wednesday.

3. Immoveable signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio& Aquarius are not auspicious for taking loan.

4. Recite ‘Rin Mochak Mangal Strota’ every morning after bath. This Strota is very effective to pay off one’s debt very fast.

5. Moveable signs like Aries, Cancer; Libra& Capricorn are good for taking loan. One is free of debts very fast.

6. Amrit Sidhi, Dwi Pushkar yoga and Vridhi Yoga are not auspicious for taking loan. So these Yogas should be avoided for this purpose.

7. One who has planetary combination which makes yoga for debts in horoscope, if loan is taken on that person’s name itself, debt will be paid off soon.

8. Don’t take loan in Hasta Nakshatra or on Sunday.

9. Don’t take loan when Mars dasa (period) or antar (Sub period) of Mars is on.

10. The first installment of loan should be paid on the first Tuesday of Shukla Pakha. This is an auspicious beginning to clear away debts soon.

11. One is never in debt, who recites ‘Laxmi Strota’ every day.

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