Conjunction of Moon with other Planets

Vedic astrology considers the Moon as signification of mind. Cancer is its own sign, Taurus its sign of exaltation and Scorpio its sign of debilitation.

The Sun and the Moon govern only one sign each unlike all other planets which govern two signs each.

The Moon like our mind is very sensitive planet hence the personality of a native acquires different characteristics when in a birth chart Moon conjuncts other planets as described below:


Moon with the Sun

The Sun being a hot planet makes the native aggressive and proudly. The native deals with others in a diplomatic manner. Mental peace is easily lost due to any reason.

Moon with Mars

This conjunction makes the native very impulsive and short tempered. The native does not weigh all pros and cons before taking any decision. Due to harsh speech the native turns friends into enemies.

Moon with Mercury

The Moon represents the mind whereas the Mercury Intellect and nervous system. This conjunction makes the native wise, thoughtful and adaptable. This gives pleasant speech and ability to express.

Moon with Jupiter

This conjunction makes the native wise and knowledgeable. The native is very talkative, but a good orator. The native is suitable as an adviser, teacher or religious head.

Moon with Venus

Due to qualities of Venus when Moon is placed with it the native is beautiful, attractive and imaginative. The native is much concerned about personal grooming and presentation. The native is attracted to various arts, music, films, television and the world of glamour.

Moon with Saturn

The native is justice loving and progresses in life due to his or her own efforts and honesty. Even small difficulties, obstacles or defeats make the native pessimistic and full of sorrows.

Moon with Rahu

Due to this conjunction the native is lost in his or her own imaginative world. The native tries to go deep in everything in order to unravel the mystery. The native’s mind gets easily disturbed due to circumstances and rumors.

Moon with Ketu

Due to Moon’s conjunction with Ketu the native is impulsive and aggressive. The native may repent later on but does not think before taking any action. Such people can be good social activists as well as present day astrologers.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar