Wonderful Remedies of LalKitab (Red Book)

Wonderful Remedies of LalKitab (Red Book)

Remedies of LalKitab – In case you are not aware of the LalKitab (Red Book), let me tell you briefly about it.

Remedies of LalKitab

Before partition of India-Pakistan in the Punjab region which is at present in Pakistan there was a linguist and astrologer named Pundit Giridhari Lal Sharma. He was in service under the British administration.

During that time the British excavated from a construction site near Lahore some ancient Urdu and Persian language scripts written on copper plates.

Those scripts were brought to Pundit ji for deciphering. Pundit Girdhari Lal thoroughly studied those scripts and came to the conclusion that some unique astrological texts which were referred to as the Lal Kitab were on those plates.

Later he got the scripts published as a book named the Lal Kitab.

Some people believe that the Lal Kitab was originally written by Pundit Roopchand Joshi who was a cousin of Pundit Giridhari Lal, and the later was only responsible for getting it published.

Well whatever the truth about its origin, the fact is that the mysterious book contains wonderful remedies which have been time tested and proved genuine and effective by many.

Remedies of LalKitab – I give some remedies which if followed with full faith can bring health, happiness and prosperity in your life.

1. Regarding Clutter…

It is quite common that in our household many junk or unused items ranging from toys, clocks and so on keep lying for years in the attic or store rooms. The same happens in offices and organizations where different unused items keep sitting for some time. As per the book all such clutter acts like a malefic planet Rahu and harms the harmony of the place.

Timely remove all clutter and enjoy harmony and happiness. This habit causes the planet Jupiter to operate in a malefic manner. The planet Jupiter is very important for one’s righteous living and spiritual progress. It is also significator of progeny and husband.

So never ever do such degrading actions and take their blessings and enjoy the benevolence of Jupiter

2. Respecting the Elders and Reverend persons …

Sometime a person talks ill about an elderly person or some saint etc.

3. Eating Habits …

As per the book eating while sitting on your bed is not good. If you eat your meal in the kitchen while the fire (cooking gas or stove) is still burning then the planet Rahu is appeased and all its evil effects are removed. You will have a clear and sharp mind.

4. Be blessed with a Son …

You can be blessed with a Son and also enjoy a luxurious life by feeding stray dogs. This action pleases the planet Ketu which then showers luxuries and blesses with male progeny. Avoid throwing stones at stray dogs or kicking them with a stick as this action causes malefic effects of Ketu.

5. Improve your financial condition …

The book suggests that by feeding monkeys you can get improved financial conditions, try it.

6. Improve your relation with spouse …

The book suggests that by regularly feeding the cows your conjugal relations flourish and marital bliss showers on both of you, try it is so simple.

7. Improve your Health …

Feed crows and fish in order to enjoy better health.

8. Uplift your Business or improve your Service conditions …

The following four simple ways can do wonders in improving your business.

(a) Feed yellow colored sweet rice or wheat flour halwa (Indian sweet preparation) to poor and children.

(b) Offer ‘besankeladoo’ (sweet balls made of black gram flour) in a temple but remember not to take it home as Prasaad or eat yourself.

(c) Offer seven yellow colored fresh flowers in a temple on the statue of gods and goddesses.

(d) Apply everyday a spot on your forehead of turmeric paste made with water.

9. Remove Obstacles and end Disputes …

In case you are facing obstacles and problems in life or have disputes with others then keep pure water in a copper utensil beside your bed at night and water a potted tulsi (Basil) plant with it in the morning.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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