Remedies for Diabetes Cure

The article focuses on some general astrological remedies for curing diabetes.

Remedies Diabetes Cure

Diabetes is most common disease throughout the world. Astrologically planets Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are three main planets which under afflictions are responsible for this ailment.

Here are some general remedies for propitiation of these three planets. Astrology of Diabetes – Diabetes Astrology

As remedial measures this article focuses on four main and most effective methods which are:

Remedial measures for Diabetes

(1) Wearing relevant Gemstones
(2) Reciting relevant Mantras (MantarJaap)
(3) Giving Alms (Daan) and
(4) Observing fast (vrat) on relevant weekdays. Let us describe these for the three main planets responsible for diabetes:

(1) Wearing relevant Gemstones

Naturally occurring gemstones are nature’s capsules of healing power and wearing the relevant gemstone can be very effective in curing a disease.

The following table gives main and substitute gemstones for the three planets.

PlanetMain GemstoneSubstitute Gemstone
JupiterYellow Sapphire
Yellow Topaz andCitrine
White Sapphire and Zirconia
SaturnBlue Sapphire
Amethyst and Neeli

(2) Reciting relevant Mantras (Mantar Jaap)

Mantra for Jupiter: “OM brim Brehespataynamaha”. Recite preferably at evening time especially on Thursdays and aim at total accumulated count of 19000 times over a few Thursdays.

Mantra for Venus: “OM shumShukrayenamaha”. Recite preferably at sunrise time especially on Fridays and aim at total accumulated count of 16000 times over a few Fridays.

Mantra for Saturn: “Om sham Shaneshchcharayenamaha”. Recite preferably at noon time especially on Saturdays and aim at total accumulated count of 23000 times over a few Saturdays.

(3) Giving Alms (Daan)

Items for Jupiter: Sugar, banana, yellow clothes, yellow sapphire, sweets, turmeric, yellow flowers etc.

Items for Venus: Silk clothes, clarified butter (ghee), perfume, sugar, cooking oil, camphor, scented body / hair oil, sandalwood etc.

Items for Saturn: Black or blue coloured clothes, uraddaal (pulse), black til, leather shoes, salt, mustard oil, iron, agricultural land, utensils etc.

(4) Observing Fast (vrat) on relevant weekdays

For Jupiter observe fast on Thursdays
For Venus observe fast on Fridays
For Saturn observe fast on Saturdays

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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