Universal Fast Recipe for Mental Peace

Universal Fast Recipe for Mental Peace

Mental Peace – We are living in the age of ‘Fast’ or ‘Quick’. We love fast food, travel by fast trains and desire ‘fast buck’. But this fastness has resulted in restlessness and lack of peace of mind.

Mental Peace

This Fast recipe for Peace of mind is for people of all religions and faiths that is why I have labeled it as ‘Universal’. It is an ancient Yogic technique of calming your ruffled mental state due to fast and restless lifestyle and ignorance about purpose of life. This Yogic technique is called ‘Hong-Sau’. The benefits of this simple technique go beyond mental peace and can unite you with your over-self through deep meditation.

Mind over Matter

Our mind is very powerful and it’s not easy to control it. But it can be trained and disciplined through breathing exercises and meditation. In order to go deep into meditative-states one needs a calm and tranquil mind. Sitting in meditation with ruffled mind is just meaningless and waste of time. A trained and disciplined mind gains power over matter and an adept with such powerful and focused mind can manifest whatever desired.

The Scope of the Hong-Sau Technique …

This simple but very effective technique once understood and sincerely followed does wonders in short time, that is why from my own experience, I term it as the ‘Fast Recipe for Mental Peace’. Within minutes this technique not only calms down your mind but takes you to deep meditative states. This simple but effective Yogic Technique can consciously unite you with your over-self and you can rest in your ‘True Nature’. The great sage Patanjali has mentioned in his following Yoga Sutras about such possibility of resting in one’s ‘true nature’ through calming the mind:


The Hong-Sau Technique …

Sit in a calm place. Take a few complete breaths. Close your eyes and just watch your breath. Just watch whether it goes in (inhalation) or goes out (Exhalation) or there is a rest period. Do not modify or change the pattern consciously, let it happen and just watch.

As your breath goes in, mentally say ‘Hong’ over the length of inhalation and as it flows out mentally say ‘Sau’ (pronounce like Saw) over the length of exhalation. If nothing happens, I mean the breath neither goes in or out, just watch and relax.
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Gradually your breathing-rate will slow down. It may happen that the rest periods between an inhalation and exhalation increase in duration. Feel blessed and enjoy deep relaxation due to those periods of ‘breathlessness’.

With practice as your rest periods increase your consciousness will rise to super-conscious state or ‘true nature’. Do not panic on realizing that your breath has stopped. It will automatically resume as and when you so desire.

A regular practice of this wonderful technique can give you fast spiritual development and fill your days with peace thereby increasing your efficiency and overall progress in life!

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

Control Your Mind with ‘Hong-Saw’ Technique