Nakshatra Revati

Nakshatra Revati

Nakshatra Revati (16040’ Pisces – 30000’ Pisces) is the 27 and final Nakshatra. The word ‘Revati’ has a simple translation – ‘wealthy’. This name conveys a lot about this asterism on all levels, even though it is not apparent straightway why the final asterism representing complete dissolution and related to something as transitory as wealth. Its alternative translation is “to transcend”, which is more in keeping with this being the final nakshatra. This Nakshatra falls into Pisces sign which is ruled by Jupiter.

Symbol For Nakshatra Revati

Since this asterism has a lot to do with duality, it has two and not one main symbol a “fish swimming in the sea” and a “drum”.

A fish swimming in the water is an obvious choice as a symbol for this nakshatra, as it falls completely in the sign of Pisces, which as we know is represented by two fishes swimming in opposite directions. The symbolism of a fish swimming in the sea has been used from time immemorial to show the soul’s journey in the waters of the universe. Vishnu, the preserver among the Trinity, is often shown sitting atop the sea of consciousness.

Professions For Nakshatra Revati

Hypnotists & Psychic Mediums, Creative Artists of all kinds including Painters, Musicians etc., Actors, Entertainers & Comedians, Linguists, Conjurors, Illusionists, Magicians, Watchmakers, Road Planners and those working in Rail & Road Construction Business, Time Keepers, Calendar/Ephemeris Makers, Astrologers,, Managers, Professional Hosts & Hostesses especially air hostesses, ship stewards etc.
Gemstone Dealers, Those involved in the Pearl Industry, All kinds of Shipping and Marine Industry, Those involved with Foster Homes & Orphanages, Driving or Transport Professions, Those involved with Religious Institutions, Air Traffic Controllers, Traffic Cops, Light House Workers, Those involved with Road Safety, and Driving Instructors.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Revati

Mercury is the primary ruler of this nakshatra along with its sign rulers Jupiter, and Ketu. Since it is the last amongst the nakshatras, it can be seen as the culmination point of all zodiacal energies. Mercury’s function here is not so much analytical as it is discriminatory. Mercury’s function here is to categorize, classify and give everything its own unique place in the scheme of creation. Mercury doesn’t lose its sense of humor here despite the fact that its task here is enormous. Mercury has to evolve and become a Buddha (enlightened one) here. It is interesting to note that Buddha is the Sanskrit name originally assigned to Mercury by the ancient Vedic seers. They had set and encoded its goal in its name itself! Mercury however cannot achieve this feat without the help of Jupiter.

According to Varahamihira, Moon in Revati “gives one perfect body and physical felicity. The native is supposed to be blessed with purity, luck wealth and a heroic disposition.” One will generally find that those having Moon or Ascendant in Revati are usually gentle, kind and pious unless there are other overwhelming factors to the contrary in the chart.

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