Nakshatra Swati

Nakshatra Swati

Nakshatra Swati (6° 40’ Libra- 20° 00’ Libra) is the fifteenth Nakshatra and the word ‘Swati’, like other Sanskrit terms, evokes a wide variety of English meanings like ‘self-going’, ‘good goers’, ‘independent’, ‘sword’, ‘delicate’ and ‘tender’. Each of these meanings relay a different side of this asterism’s nature and functioning. The whole of Swati falls in Libra Sign and Venus is the planet which rules it.

Symbol For Nakshatra Swati

Its symbol is a ‘young plant shoot blown by the wind’. The wind symbolism suggests the airy quality of this asterism which promotes restlessness, adaptability, dexterity and a roaming disposition. The young plant symbolism suggests delicacy. This is the reason why this asterism strives for strength and independence, just like a young plant shoot strives for maturity. Air is the balancing element among the five interacting elements in nature. This nakshatra is the balancing pivot of the zodiac in the sense that it is the middle most nakshatra, with thirteen nakshatras on either side. It represents the atmospheric aspect, where there’s neither a lull nor a storm and a gentle breeze is blowing-Swati thus represents the period of our lives where smooth sailing takes place.

Professions For Nakshatra Swati

Businessmen and Trades people of all types, Wrestlers, All sports, especially those relying on breath control, Singers, Musicians playing Wind Instruments like Horns & Organ, Researchers, Inventors, Technology experts, Independent Enterprises,
Government related service Professions, Socialites, Aeronautical Industry, Pilots, and Professions connected with the Aviation industry, and Transportation Industry.
Professions involving use of speech like Newsreaders etc., Computer & Software Industry, and Professions requiring flexibility & quick ingenuity, and Kite Makers.
Adventure Sports people like Skydivers, Balloonists etc., Educators, Teachers, Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, Trade-Union & Working Class Leaders, Diplomats, and Hosts & Hostesses.

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Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Swati

Rahu is the primary ruler of this asterism and its airy qualities are relayed through it. Swati natives often appreciate the finer things in life and uphold a certain degree of sophistication in their dress, mannerisms and tastes.
There is a strong urge for comfort and luxury when Rahu is manifesting its energies on an earthy plane. Earth is the secondary element of Rahu. Since Swati falls completely in the sign of Libra, Venus has a strong connection with this asterism. The Rahu-Venus influence together is a highly indulgent combination, which gives a strong urge for comfort and luxury. A love of show and pomp is seen when Rahu is functioning through its lower aspect.

According to Varahamihira, those born with Moon in Swati are “pleasant in speech, have a self controlled nature and compassionate ways. The person is a merchant with principles”.

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