Nakshatra Purvashadha

Nakshatra Purvashadha

Nakshatra Purvashadha (13020’ Sagittarius – 26040’ Sagittarius) is the 20th Nakshatra and the word “Purvashadha” translates into “the former Invincible One” or the “Former Unconquered”. Its name, like its successor, concentrates on the basic attribute of this asterism invincibility. The divine enclosure of deity Varuna or the lord of water begins with 13.20 degrees and ends at 26.40 degrees in Dhanu or Sagittarius and so on is known as poorvashada Nakshatra. Which is ruled throughout by planet Jupiter hence the arena of Purvashada Nakshatra is perceived to the ocean of immense courage and endurance as to the never ending extent besides which it shines with love, care and kindness. This enclosure possesses truly forgiving shades and is endowed with success and victory.

Symbol For Nakshatra Purvashadha

In congruence with the shape formed by its stars, a ‘hand held fan’ is the most famous symbol of this asterism, which can be used for four purposes- As a decorative item popular in Japanese/Oriental cultures, to cool oneself down in hot condition, to fan up a fire & as a mask to hide oneself.

Its first use relates to the showy, glitz and glamourous Venusians aspect of this nakshatra. In the ancient Orient, the type of fan one carried was directly related to social status. This conveys the superiority aspect of this nakshatra. It finds itself superior in comparison to all nakshatras before it, especially the earlier Venusians ones.

ProfessionsFor Nakshatra Purvashadha

Sailors, Navy Personnel, Marine Life Experts, Shipping Industry, Fishing Professions, Professional Hosts & Hostesses, Entertainment Industry, Rock Stars, Professional Motivators and Inspirers, Teachers & Preachers of Motivational Philosophies, Managers of all types, Poets, Writers, Artists, Painters, All industries processing raw materials especially liquids, Refineries, War Strategists & Weapons Experts, Costume Designers, Fashion Experts, Hair Dressers, Beauticians, and Herbalists,Para jumpers, Hot Air Balloonists, Flying profession especially in regards to civilian transport, , Hypnotists & Psychic Mediums, Those working in Amusement parks, All professions associated with water and liquids in all its forms.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Purvashadha

Venus is the main planetary ruler of Purvashadha. Venus reaches its highest individual energy as a planet in this nakshatra (its peak expression however comes through Revati, where it reaches maximum exaltation). Purvashada is the power and purity of the child like mind, which is represented by Jupiter.

According to Varahamihira, Moon in Purvashadha “makes one have a loving and proud spouse while the native is of a proud disposition and steady in friendships”.

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