Nakshatra Uttaraphalguni

Nakshatra Uttaraphalguni

Nakshatra Uttaraphalguni (26° 40’ Leo- 10° 00’ Virgo) is the twelteenth Nakshatra and the word ‘Uttaraphalguni’ translates into “the latter reddish one” or “the latter fig tree”. The month of Phalguna relates to the spring season. We can thus immediately associate Uttaraphalguni with all the feelings evoked by the spring season. Uttaraphalguni relates more to the latter half of spring instead of the beginning. One pada of this Nakshatra falls in Leo sign while rest of padas is in Virgo rashi. The planets rule this Nakshatra are Sun and Mercury.

Symbol For Nakshatra Uttaraphalguni

The main symbol of this nakshatra is the two back legs of a bed. Like Purvaphalguni, the bed referred to here is not the bed we use for sleeping on during the night time, but a divan or bed/couch used for a daytime siesta or lounging around. This nakshatra is similar to Purvalphalguni in many ways just as the symbolism suggests. In fact Purvaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni form a pair, the first in the sequence of nakshatras. They share similar names, symbolism, nature and quality although with slight differences.

Professions For Nakshatra Uttaraphalguni

Uttraphalguni is highly flexible in regards to professions and can be seen in a variety of professions as long as it is in a commanding position.
Creative Artists, Musicians, Entertainers, Superstars & Media & Entertainment industry.

Managers, leaders of all types & Public Figures like Sports Superstars, Those in high positions and held in esteem by others.

Priests, Heads of organizations, Mafia Dons, Teachers & Preachers, Philanthropists, Astrologers, Marriage Counselors, Sex Therapists.
Professions connected to United Nations, International Diplomats, Founding fathers and other Patriotic Figures, Bankers & Creditors, Social Workers, and Professional Advisors in all fields.

Planetary Ruler For Nakshatra Uttaraphalguni

Sun is the planetary ruler of this nakshatra. The solar aspect of nature comes into manifestation in the earlier nakshatra, Krittika. Uttaraphalguni relates to the process where the solar principle affects and organizes the material world, just like Sun’s rays can cook food in a solar cooker. The primordial solar principle manifests as willpower in Krittika, but it takes the form of intelligence in Uttaraphalguni, with the aid of Mercury.

According to Varahamihira, those born with Moon in Uttaraphalguni “earn through their knowledge, are well liked and popular and live a life of comfort and luxury”.

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