Interesting Dreams; interpretation and Remedies

Interesting Dreams; interpretation and Remedies

Interesting Dreams – Dreams are full of mystery and some hidden meaning. A short article like this cannot deal with infinite types of dreams. Only a few but interesting dreams are analysed and remedies are suggested.

Interesting Dreams

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist, in his work, ‘Man and His Symbols’ he mentioned his view about the function of dreams: “The general function of dreams is to try to restore our psychological balance by producing dream material that re-establishes, in a subtle way, the total psychic equilibrium.”

In ancient cultures, such as Egyptian and Greek, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, and the hidden message could be revealed by people with certain powers. These days various schools of psychology offer theories about the meaning of dreams.

In this short article I present some of the interesting Dreams and their interpretation. Based on my general study of the subject and knowledge of astrology I suggest remedial measures or suggestionswhere needed in order to cure the revealed psychological problem in each case.

Dreaming about Lingerie (Underclothes)…

If you see in your dreams scenes of yourself or others wearing lingerie or underclothes such as underwear, vest, Bra, panties etc. then this points to your sexual identity, body image and in some way to self-esteem. Such a dream may be taken as pointing to certain unexpressed part of your personality.

If you dream of scenes showing yourself or some known person buying lingerie itemsthen it indicates compensating your inner feelings of emptiness by fulfilment of some sexual or emotional needs. This type of dream may also reveal your efforts to change your image and attitude.

Remedy: Any of the above, in dreams of unmarried young people,calls forchannelizing their energies in some constructive work or hobby. Also they must follow celibacy and avoid anything which aggravates their sexual desire. If you are married male or female and have such dreams then it points to some sexual imbalance. Try to balance your sex life. Sexual needs vary from person to person and sexual incompatibility between partners may be the problem. Remember there is cure for all problems provided you both are expressive and willing to help each other.

Dreaming about Lipstick

If you see yourself either buying or wearing lipstick then it indicates that you are not truthful about something in life.

Remedy: Introspect by sitting in a calm place daily in order to analyse what aspect of your life needs exposure and dealing in a truthful manner.

Dreaming about Abstinence …

Case 1: If in your dreams you see yourself practising abstinence (self-restraint) from sex, alcohol etc. but in actual life you are not then it indicates that you are becoming overconfident.

Case 2: If you are in actual life trying to exercise self-restraint from indulgence in sex or alcoholic drinks and you also dream about this then there is nothing wrong.

Remedy for case 1 situation: You need to propitiate the planet Mars if in your birth chart Mars is throwing malefic aspect on the ascendant, its lord or the third house. If in your birth chart Mars is posited in the 3rd house then follow some deep breathing exercises and learn to relax and keep your mind cool. Drink lot of water in-between meals dur5ing the day will also help.

Dreaming of Adultery …

If you are married and in your dreams you have an affair with another lady then it indicates that you are in actual life suppressing sexual urges. It may also indicate some odd situation in your life.

Alternately if you dream that your spouse is having an affair with some other person then it indicates your fear of being abandoned.

Both the above dreams indicate some uneasy relationship with life partner.

Remedy: Propitiate the planet Venus and if you are a female then also propitiate and strengthen Jupiter.

Flirting in dreams

If you are single and dream of flirting with someone then it indicates your need for some intimate and affectionate relationship. It may also point toyour near future plans to do so.

Suggestion: There is nothing wrong in desiring such a relationship, but you are advised to select a partner wisely. Do not take hasty decision and spend some time in dating in order to understand each other in depth.

Kissing in dreams …

To dream of kissing signifies love, affection, harmony and contentment in your life.

If you dream of kissing someone of the same sex then it indicates self-acceptance and acknowledgement of your feminine or masculine (depending on your sex)aspect of life.

If the dream ends just before you are about to kiss someone then it indicates that you are not really sure of your partner.

Remedy: Offering fresh red or pink colour rose flowers on a Friday to goddess Luxmiin a temple, will bring more harmony, contentment and intimacy with partner. If there is no Luxmi temple in your vicinity then present these flowers to your partner as a token of love.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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