Worship Saraswati Deity for Increasing Intelligence

The Hindu trinity of gods’ viz. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva can be understood as the managing powers which have their consorts viz. Sarasvati, Lakshami and Parvati respectively as their executing forces responsible for creation, maintenance and transformation.


The name Sarasvati as per Sanskrit language consists of two parts viz. ‘sara’which means ‘essence’ and ‘swa’which means ‘self’.Therefore Sarasvati means the essence of the self.

In Her most popular depiction she is shown wearing a white sari and seated on a white lotus. She has four arms and hands. In her two rear hands she holds a rosary and a book and plays the musical instrument Veena (lute) with her front two hands.

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The white lotus represents supreme knowledge of the supreme reality and the white colour indicates purity and knowledge. So this image indicates that the goddess is rooted in supreme reality as embodiment of purity, truth and knowledge.

Her two hands represent her physical activities whereas the rear two arms represent her activities on the spiritual plane.

The playing of the musical instrument conveys that the true seeker must tune his or her mind and intellect.

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The rosary symbolises concentration, contemplation and meditation which can lead to the supreme reality.

The swan shown in the picture indicates ability to discriminate between right and wrong. By using a swan as her carrier Sarasvati conveys that one should use knowledge with discrimination for the welfare of humanity.

Worship Goddess Sarasvati by Reciting Mantras …

Sit calmly before the image of Sarasvati and with full concentration of mind recite any of the following mantras. Regular recitation with faith will bestow intelligence, wisdom and knowledge:

• “Om ShriSarasvatayeNamaha”

• “Om Aim HreemKleemMahaSaraswatiDevayeNamaha”

• “Om Aim Sarasvataye Aim Namaha”

• “Om Hreem Aim HreemSarasvatayeNamah”

• “Om ShreemHreemSarasvatayeNamaha”

Students must recite the following before commencing any study for success in their endevour:

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vidyarambhamkari?hyami, siddhirbhavatumésada”

Meaning: O Goddess Sarasvati I salute to you! O Giver of boons, O Giver of form to desires, I am going to start a study, may I always succeed!

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar